France Will Collapse Into Civil War in Five Years if Le Pen Loses & The Welfare State has no Place in Conservatism

Metternich, Volume V page 418

June 4, 1834. — Prince Esterhazy will doubtless have spoken to you of a most interesting conversation he has had with King Louis Philippe. What I beg you to insist upon is, that I do not dread the Republic more than it is to he dreaded; a fact contradicted by the King, who apparently does not fear it at all. In order to make myself clearly understood, I need only tell you that I mean by anarchy, the Republic. I know very well that the Republic — in other words a Republican Government affording the prospect of stability — is not what is in store for France, but anarchy under the colours of the Republic, for no one will ever proclaim anarchy.

Emmanuel Macron

April, 2017. — “Nationalism is war. I know it. I come from a region that is full of graveyards.”

Macron’s answer to Le Pen’s Nationalism is EU Supranationalism; Supranationalism being the European equivalent of American Progressivism.

Macron’s Muslim appeasing Supranationalism will, far from preventing war, culminate in civil war within five years should he win the French Presidency.  But, paraphrasing Metternich’s point, not even Macron will proclaim civil war.  Instead he proclaims the civil war that will result from his policies Supranationalism; and he promotes this euphemism for civil war as an antidote to the militaristic nationalism of the early 20th century wrongly associated with Le Pen’s Democratic Nationalism.

To the French people the election is a choice between maintaining the false comforts of the EU welfare state and euro currency with the independent Technocrat candidate Macron, or rolling the dice with Le Pen’s nationalism which will very likely lead to the complete disintegration of the EU.

Sadly, Macron is the favorite to win because too many French would rather buy into his status quo illusion that civil war is peace than step into the risky world of independence.

The lesson to take from France’s sorry condition is that the welfare state cannot be reconciled with Conservatism or Nationalism as a number of Nationalists have recently argued.  The welfare state is a comfortable slavery that leaves the citizenry too weak to naturally adopt Nationalism – even when civil war is around the corner as in the case of France – because Nationalism inherently requires self-sufficiency.


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