To Save Science from Being Destroyed by Progressives Get Scientists Out of Politics

Progressives have nearly destroyed science with their religious faith that the best form of government is a dictatorship of the scientists.

Although, at first glance, having scientists involved in political decision making seems like a good idea, the actual result of coronavirus policies has revealed that, in practice, every scientist involved in political decision making quickly transforms into a lying politician instead of behaving like an actual scientist.

The prime example of this is Anthony Fauci.

Fauci is not making decisions based on science.

He is making decisions to enhance his own political power and control over the American population.

When Fauci promotes mask policies (which have proven to have negligible effect on the coronavirus) his recommendation is being made only because he is getting exactly the same neurochemical high that Hitler got addressing the Reichstag and Stalin got saluting a Soviet military parade; albeit Fauci is getting that same drug hit over smaller scale dictatorial policies.

Fauci is not a scientist anymore, if he ever was.

Fauci (and most everyone else at the various Federal health agencies) is a power addicted politician who will feed his “habit” no matter how much real science says his bureaucratic diktats do little to ameliorate the pandemic.

For example, it was clear six months into the coronavirus that masks had little effect outside of very densely packed cities or indoor environments like bars because the disease does not spread when people walk pass eachother outdoors, in schools, in restaurants, or even inside shopping departments. This is why I have never worn a mask outdoors or even indoors (except for plane travel and doctor’s appointments, and even then I got around this by pretending to drink coffee or from a water bottle). Although masks have been mandatory in my area for most of the pandemic I have found no one except airports and doctor’s offices will enforce the rule.  The result of this for me was that a few days before I got my first shot of Moderna last I took a blood test for virus antibodies and came up negative which indicated I never had the virus despite going around without a mask.

If the masks worked they would have ended the pandemic in a couple of weeks because the whole world was wearing masks.

The vaccines and other pharmaceutical interventions are the answer to the pandemic because they are highly effective at preventing people from dying or getting seriously ill. Pharmaceuticals also either minimize the spread of the virus, or, at worst, they downgrade the effect of it to just a bad flu for everyone except those with very weakened immune systems.

By six months into the pandemic it was also clear that there was no need for extreme lockdown measures to be imposed on those under 50 years of age, who had no preexisting condition that seriously affected their immune system.

Instead of a “one size fits all” lockdown the most severe lockdown policies should have been targeted only at the elderly or those with significant preexisting illnesses, with everyone else being advised to follow more moderate hygene policies.

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