The Progressive’s Russia Narrative – Unravelling Faster than a Pussyhat

The narrative continues to backfire on the Progressives who conjured up out of nothing that chimera.

Just as we predicted:

The flimsy allegations Russia somehow coordinated with the Trump campaign have trapped the accusers in a catch-22 they have no obvious way to escape from:

  • If the Obama administration did have the Trump campaign wiretapped, numerous Obama officials are at risk of becoming targets of criminal investigations.
  • If the Obama administration did not have the Trump campaign wiretapped, no actual evidence of collusion with Russia was found because if it was it would have surely been leaked during the campaign.

In either case the Progressives can do little more with their allegations. If they insist on their investigation going forward the Left risks Trump retaliating with his own investigation into the legality of the wiretaps. Based on the non-denial denials coming from Obama officials it is doubtful they believe they will come out of an investigation looking better than Trump.

If the Progressives back off their story they are admitting they knew their reported accusations were based on little to no evidence.

Judged by the standards intelligence operations the Shallow State has proven a total failure and it leaves the observer with no reason to believe it will be more successful in the future.

One of the first rules of counter-intelligence is to not alert enemies too soon about monitoring efforts. When Germany’s enigma code was cracked by the Allies Churchill did not warn British citizens about the timing of planned German airstrikes he had learned about through deciphered intercepts. Churchill chose not to act on that information early so the Germans would not know to change their encryption codes.

The Shallow State is beginning to pay heavily for ignoring this iron rule.

Instead of telling Obama personnel to lie low for a few years and slowly gather information about the Trump administration, the impatient former administration has stupidly let Trump in on their game before Trump had enough time to get involved in a major Presidential scandal, even if he had planned on getting into one.

The early leaks to the media (and the exceptionally stupid bragging about their incompetent “coup” on Twitter) has given Trump reason to clear out former Obama personnel, tighten internal communications, knock the Russia-Trump hysteria off course with a single tweet, discredit a questionable FBI Director whose days may well be numbered, crackdown on disobedient agencies, and either investigate or threaten to investigate Obama era officials.

In exchange for handing Trump these serious long term advantages the Left can only count as victories the resignation of Mike Flynn (whose resignation will prove advantageous to Trump since it disposed of a problem case before Flynn had time to become entangled in a worse scandal), temporary social media euphoria, and a “Russia stole the election” narrative too weak and broken to hang a pussyhat on.

We have these further thoughts –

It now appears the Progressives wound up with the worst of both worlds – there was legally dubious monitoring of Trump’s circle and that monitoring turned up nothing.

Susan Rice is a standout political hack even by the standards of the Obama White House.  If there had been a true criminal link between the Trump campaign and the government of Russia, Rice would certainly have leaked the information to the press during the election campaign.  The fact she was unable to pinpoint such collusion with the full capacity of the American intelligence community at her disposal and the grand prize of the Presidency hanging in the balance is strong evidence there is no such link.

The Progressives exhausted their best attempt to investigate Trump-Russia during the campaign.  If they found nothing in that time span then the Trump-Russia well is most likely dry.

The Obama-Monitoring well, however, is likely untapped.  We heartily recommend the Trump White House explore it to the full extent possible now that the Progressives have very stupidly invited him to do so.

We are very amused to see Progressives react to yesterday’s reports about Rice’s handling of sensitive information by arguing that, even if true, no crime was committed by her doing so.  They had better not bet money on that theory.  The numerous Federal statutes dealing with classified information are so complex that a plausible indictment against Susan Rice and other senior Obama advisers would not be at all difficult to design.

At a minimum, those laws are complex enough that Rice and other Obama figures would be tied up in legal knots for years in court even if the case is weak and all of the accused are ultimately exonerated on every charge.

If Rice were confident she acted completely within legal boundaries she would not have said she had nothing to do with the alleged unmasking.  We look forward to a robust criminal investigation to see what else she and other Obama era officials may be hiding.


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