Is the Only Way to Raise Western Birth Rates Religion?

And if it is, should secular conservatives just accept that the vast majority of Westerners are better off under states where religiosity is actively encouraged?

Jefferson remarked on a previous thread about Rushton and r/K selection:

TFR correlates almost perfectly with religion. Chassidim in upstate NY have 12 kids on zero income, SWPLs with 7 figure incomes maybe adopt an African kid in their 40s.

To which I responded:

Well, not perfectly, but very, very strongly.

Stalin eased up on restrictions against Orthodox Christianity after Hitler invaded, both to motivate soldiers and increase the birth rate. It seems soldiers were not ready to die for the philosophical intricacies of dialectical materialism and women were not willing to replace the losses of the Red Army only for the sake of the mighty dictatorship of the proletariat.

So are we secular conservatives left with having no hope of raising Western birth rates short of sponsoring Christianity – with the exception of Israel which sponsors Judaism and has the only elevated birth rate among its desirable populations in the West?