Hypothetical Airstrike Lists of Iranian Assets Should Include Iran’s Nuclear & Oil Infrastructure

Iran is on the verge of learning the hard way two of military history’s greatest lessons – the second lesson is courtesy of yours truly,

  • Never fight a conventional war against the United States.
  • Never fight a Soviet-style proxy war against the United States without Soviet-level resources.

The second lesson in particular is why Pragmatically Distributed recommended this series of policies as the best way to stress Iran’s proxy war strategy to the breaking point – policies that went against the typically lousy advice of Iran apologist “foreign policy experts”, yet, policies which have since been wisely adopted 100% by the Trump Administration.

To wit, from December 2017

Iran – Finally, Iran itself deserves to be subjected to two actions.  The first is for America to reimpose the heavy economic sanctions that were lifted by the Islamic terrorist supporting government of Barack Obama.  Proxy warfare is inherently more suitable for strong states with great resources to distribute to its proxies.  Iran is a weak state with few resources playing a great power’s game.  It should be punished for its overestimation of its own power with the destruction of the Iranian economy, a destruction which by extension will mean Iranian proxies will have fewer Iranian resources to rely on.


And, from May 2018

The way Tehranologists portrayed Iran is similar to how 1970s Kremlinologists portrayed the Soviet Union; as an unassailable world power that must be accommodated forever by the United States through weak détente.

At least Kremlinologists could, in retrospect, defend their argument by pointing to many objective measures of Soviet strength such as its nuclear arsenal, attack submarines, armored divisions, etc.  Tehranologists, however, could only justify détente with Iran on vague grounds that some “regional conflagration” would break loose if Iran was told “no” or that Iran was a really “moderating” influence in the Middle East.  All of these reasons were minor concerns compared to Soviet Russia.


Iran is lashing out because it is only too late realizing it is a minor economic and military actor that has nothing close to the actual capabilities needed to satisfy its great ambitions.

If Trump, for whatever reason, opts in the future for military retaliation against Iran he will most likely want to do at least as much damage as Reagan did in 1988’s Operation Praying Mantis when America devastated half of Iran’s naval assets of that time:

By the end of the operation, U.S. air and surface units had sunk, or severely damaged, half of Iran’s operational fleet.

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Mueller Groupies Should be Furious at Pelosi, not Trump & Barr

I apologize for bringing up facts given how badly Progressives handle reality. But as unpleasant as they find it, I must point out the obstacle in the way of impeachment lies not with Barr’s summary or Trump’s (fully justified) stonewalling on tax records.

Their problem is Pelosi because it is her decision whether to pursue impeachment or not. And she just so happens to agree with Trump and Barr on obstruction due to the fact she will not move on impeachment if the case is based only on a muddled, technical, interpretation of “obstruction of justice”.

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Set the Condor Principle in Flight by Transferring ISIS POWs & Their Wives into Assad’s Custody


Oh, yes.

The precedents set forth by Ike, Dick, and Dutch should apply to the wives of the approximately 800 male ISIS POWs now in the custody of the US military.

Those women who followed their boyfriends into a long terrorist excursion in Syria with the hope of killing no less than Bashar Assad himself are themselves potential terrorists. Once dealt with by the Syrian court system – which operates on the Islamic world’s robust legal interpretation of victor’s justice – the West will never have to worry about these prisoners reappearing to bring mayhem somewhere else in the West; a reappearance that would no doubt be preceded by a generous stint living off of the West’s multi-trillion dollar welfare hegemon.

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Why the Democratic Primary Could Break for Hillary & How Trump Can Facilitate Her Primary Campaign

Being the movement of scientific dictatorship, the Progressive movement deserves a Democratic nominee who is as robotic and dictatorial as possible.

And in this weak Democratic primary field the tyrannical iron lady that stands out is none other than America’s own perpetual presidential motion machine herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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The End of Week Circulars for January 13, 2019

Trump Should Bait Rep. Alexandria Cortez on the Internet to Raise Her Profile

I ignored Cortez because she is an idiot, powerless, and seemed to be irrelevant.

She remains a powerless idiot but she has, through the strength of her own stupidity, suddenly become relevant as a new perfect foil for Trump; at least as good a foil as Pelosi will be for the rest of the year.

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America’s Economic Boom is Still Young in Terms of Hamiltonian Business Cycle Theory

Whether economic growth under Trump continues past the 2020 election depends on whether the expansion is young or old in the business cycle.

American expansions (such as those of the 1980s and 1990s) usually last 5 to 7 years while economic dips normally last 1 to 2 years. Because the economy technically began to recover in the middle of Obama’s first term it has been assumed by many economists that the present expansion is late in cycle and that a correction during the next year or two is overdue.

But where the expansion is depends on what theory of the business cycle is used.

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Withdrawal from Syria Preserves President Trump’s Military Supremacy

Of course Trump made the right decision to withdraw from Syria because I had been in favor of a withdrawal long ago: And when both Trump and I agree (as is usually the case) then you can be sure our position is the best of any other option.

From December of 2017

The Israeli-Saudi strategy has been to support the removal of Assad. In my opinion this is the wrong strategy. The fall of Assad would have left a power vacuum that Iran could have filled with other terrorist proxies. Leaving a gravely weakened Assad in power is better because Assad’s weakness will be easier to leverage into concessions favorable to the Israelis and Saudis.


And, from April of this year

Under that strategy there is no need to keep American forces in Syria so long as we have a proxy ally in Syrian Kurds that are lent indirect logistical support. If for some reason there is need to send withdrawn combat forces back to Syria there will be military assets next door in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East which can be quickly deployed.

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