Reopening the National Economy by Overriding States like Lincoln

Given that economic cycles are driven by demand, preliminary economic indicators have shown a snap back from the coronavirus shutdown because the shutdowns in spring postponed demand rather than end demand.

From this it follows that the way to maximize economic performance before the election is to move forward demand expectations (which are now moderate, but increasing) by forcing the states to reopen with an executive order putting all states not on phase 3 into phase 3, except for nursing homes, medical facilities, the elderly and those with preexisting conditions.

A Presidential order forcing phase 3 onto the states will shift anticipated demand expectations from medium and long term forecasts, forward to near term forecasts. And since it is changes in anticipated demand (not existing demand) that causes businesses to alter their future output curves with a time lag, moving forward medium and long term demand expectations will reduce the time lag effect into the near future. The result of the time shift is to raise near term economic production as businesses raise output to meet newly raised short term demand expectations.

With a 90% decline in coronavirus deaths, now is the perfect time to to spring phase 3 onto fifty, unsuspecting, Governor’s mansions.

If Fauci objects? Fire him because no one elected Fauci to anything.

If the Governors object?

On the surface that may be slightly different.

Unlike Fauci, Governors are elected.

To some observers forcing the states to enter phase 3 by Executive Order would raise “Constitutional” issues on account of some odd idea called “state rights”.

But not to worry!

According to Lincoln, states have no rights whatsoever.

If the states object to Trump’s directive, Trump should follow the sacred example of Lincoln and tell the Governors to go fuck themselves.

If anyone thinks states have rights they are looking at a defective copy of the Constitution upside down, downwards upside, backwards, sideways, in all ways wrongways.

Granted, the Constitution can be read in more than one way, but I assure you Lincoln’s interpretation is the only correct interpretation.

Lincoln’s edition of the Constitution clearly states that in the event the President was born with the name Donald John Trump (or, by pure coincidence, Abraham Lincoln) then the states have no rights and the President is an omniscient, all-caring (but wrathful!), Imperial & god-like being vested with supreme military, economic, and legal powers over the entire country, and large swathes of the galaxy.

What special knowledge do Governors have compared to a being like this?

Nothing that warrants them delaying a strong economic recovery for the sake of electoral advantage.

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