Trump Should Fire Alex Acosta

I can’t help but mention that I also have a history of getting personnel policy right.

From last December –

Fire Mattis

Trumpian foreign policy is becoming ever more coherent after he wisely applied the Condor Principle to Saudi Arabia.  To make it still more coherent, Trump should fire Mattis and replace with another former, high-ranking, military commander.  Mattis seems more concerned with acting as a contemptuous “adult” check on Trump than as a contributor to Trump’s foreign agenda.  If Mattis doesn’t take Trump seriously then Trump would be better served by another former military commander as Defense Secretary who will give Trump advice intended to assist the President, not scold him.


Department of Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta, is holding up labor regulation rollbacks that would benefit the economy.

One of the many regulations that he was supposed to reverse, but is deliberately holding up in unnecessary paperwork, is an Obama era rule that is currently making it much more difficult for 401K owners to contact and conduct business with their financial representatives.

Trump should fire Acosta’s worthless ass today.

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