Pragmatically Distributed is Right Again – Joe “Bull Connor” Biden Has Lost the Primary & Setup Democrats for Disaster in 2020

As usual, I called it first

The first piece of evidence leading me to this conclusion is the obviousness of Biden’s senility whenever he is at the podium. From stuttering during his campaign kickoff to confusing Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher, old age and a pointless life have taken a man who was, at his peak, an unimpressive DC lounge lizard and turned him into a senile DC lounge lizard.

And here

Biden – Sounds like a great idea only because of name recognition. But at some point he will have to speak. When Biden does he will remind everyone why he fell under the weight of a thousand gaffes in several Democratic primary contests decades ago. He also has sexual harassment accusations hidden in his closet.


Perhaps Joe will blame his latest misstatements on one too many mint juleps.

But regardless, however tangential they were to his main point about bipartisanship, Biden’s fond remembrance of Senatorial collegiality with segregationists means his primary campaign is effectively over. They add up to a persuasion catastrophe because they are exactly what Democratic primary voters would expect Trump to say. With no place in the Party for someone who has unwittingly branded himself the Trump of the Democrats, Biden will soon enough be segregated to the back of the nomination bus.

That leaves a vacuum in the driver’s seat of this flimsy DNC vehicle.

Unfortunately for Democrats, there is no alternative driver in the 2nd and lower tiers of the field who would be anything except a punching bag for our nation’s crafty incumbent.

With Sanders still fading fast in the polls despite Biden’s weakness, I expect the Dem nominee to be one of the 2nd tier ladies; either Warren or Harris. Perhaps another 2nd tier candidate will build primary momentum. For now, Warren and Harris are the ones to observe the closest.

At the moment, Harris might seem a a stretch. But I still rate her as competitive only because she has potential strength with the black vote; especially after Biden has so dramatically, so unnecessarily, tripped himself up with that demographic.


Trump is praying for Warren.

For very good reasons.

She’s the wrong Injun for Democrats to pow wow with in any general election.

Meanwhile, the biggest of big Injun chiefs, can sit back while lightly A/B testing from the White House as he watches the Democrats choose which lame horse to ride all the way to utter defeat in 2020.

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