Trump Holds all the Negotiation Cards in the Standoff with Iran Because Iran has No Good Options Left

Listing a complete catalog of reasons why the Progressive foreign policy establishment is a total failure would be an endless task. But out of the most prominent reasons, their inability to understand basic negotiation strategy stands out. Their ignorance is why their views about the standoff with Iran are wrong.

Fortunately for America, Trump is a master of negotiation; unlike his critics, he gets the concept known as Leverage.

In the Iran standoff it is Trump who holds all the negotiation leverage because Iran has no good options.

Trump holds so many diplomatic cards that he does not have to do anything except wait for Iran to come to its senses and negotiate.

The next move belongs entirely to Iran, and none of their potential moves are attractive.

Iran’s options are primarily-

  • Attack America’s Israeli, Saudi, or Gulf Arab proxies with Iranian proxies in Syria and Lebanon, and/or Iran’s Yemen proxies.
  • Attack US forces in the Gulf or Iraq directly with either Iranian proxies or by Iranian forces themselves.
  • Attack and/or otherwise disrupt the oil tanker traffic going through the sea lanes around the Arabian Peninsula.

A proxy campaign will fail to accomplish anything aside from getting Iran’s proxies killed because America’s regional proxies have superior military power.

The last two options (especially an attack on American forces) risk Trump responding with his own counterattack against Iran – and he can devastate Iran without the use of US land forces. Instead, he can crush a hypothetical Iranian provocation using only American naval and air power to strike Iran’s vital naval, nuclear, and oil assets.

2 thoughts on “Trump Holds all the Negotiation Cards in the Standoff with Iran Because Iran has No Good Options Left”

  1. The 1979-1981 Iran hostage crisis was a great national shame. I really wanted to see how Reagan would have dealt with it.

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