Mueller Groupies Should be Furious at Pelosi, not Trump & Barr

I apologize for bringing up facts given how badly Progressives handle reality. But as unpleasant as they find it, I must point out the obstacle in the way of impeachment lies not with Barr’s summary or Trump’s (fully justified) stonewalling on tax records.

Their problem is Pelosi because it is her decision whether to pursue impeachment or not. And she just so happens to agree with Trump and Barr on obstruction due to the fact she will not move on impeachment if the case is based only on a muddled, technical, interpretation of “obstruction of justice”.

For those Mueller groupies who are still writhing in agony under the denial phase of collusion-disillusionment before taking the final nose dive into the total despondency phase, they should realize Nancy Pelosi will not proceed with impeachment because she agrees, de facto, with Attorney General Barr’s conclusion that Trump did not obstruct justice.  Otherwise, she would be preparing her caucus for impeachment proceedings.

She is yielding to Trump and Barr because to proceed is politically impossible. Impeachment based on “obstruction” (or, more precisely, Mueller’s refusal to conclude if there was or was not obstruction) without collusion is not politically actionable.  And Pelosi knows it.

Although it is technically possible to obstruct justice in the absence of an underlying crime, impeachment is not a legal process but a political one.  This political calculus means impeachment cannot happen because the voters will not understand how Trump be cleared of collusion but be charged with “obstructing” a collusion investigation that he allowed to complete and which found no collusion.

Pelosi will try to bluff President Trump in order to stall for time with her crazy activist base:  She will put on a show about how she is charging her Committee Chairs to “investigate President Trump”; demanding such and such records, how she is not “taking impeachment off the table”; and so on, and so forth.

But impeachment is in fact exactly what she is taking off the table because she has no choice – impeachment on “inconclusive evidence of obstruction” is a political dead end.  Impeachment on anything short of a crime proven “beyond a reasonable doubt” will drive away Independent voters and is guaranteed to fail in the Republican controlled Senate where nothing close to 2/3rds of Senators would vote to remove Trump from office.  It might even be a heavy lift to get impeachment passed through the House considering how many Democratic House members represent districts won by Trump in 2016.

No matter what Pelosi promises to distract and temporarily mollify her base with, her words will amount to nothing more than empty bluffing and posturing with vague promises that are not backed with a serious attempt at impeachment.


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