Why the Democratic Primary Could Break for Hillary & How Trump Can Facilitate Her Primary Campaign

Being the movement of scientific dictatorship, the Progressive movement deserves a Democratic nominee who is as robotic and dictatorial as possible.

And in this weak Democratic primary field the tyrannical iron lady that stands out is none other than America’s own perpetual presidential motion machine herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

It just so happens that the woman whom the Democrats cannot risk coronating has a plausible (if not certain) path to power via process of elimination:

Biden – Sounds like a great idea only because of name recognition. But at some point he will have to speak. When Biden does he will remind everyone why he fell under the weight of a thousand gaffes in several Democratic primary contests decades ago. He also has sexual harassment accusations hidden in his closet.

Sanders – Has lost his distinctiveness and with it the interest of the Democratic base now that there are multiple candidates playing to the far Left.

Bloomberg – Too centrist on economics and crime to satisfy his base. His stop and frisk policies as Mayor of New York especially leave him vulnerable to attacks from his Left on grounds of racial “insensitivity”.  He is also too white, male, rich, and dull to win.  Look for him to consider an independent campaign when he fails to win the nomination.

Warren – Only 1/1024th of a nominee.

Booker – Being crazy and stupid is hardly a disqualifier in a Democratic Party. But even Booker is pushing beyond the bounds of what Democratic voters can handle. Anyway, Hillary is crazy and shrewd. And her cunning (at least compared to the other dim bulbs vying for the nomination) would carry her over Booker.  Also, Booker’s homosexuality is an obstacle to his winning black primary voters.

O’Rourke-Harris-Gillibrand – I group them together as a single “snowflake” candidate. A small amount of heat from Hillary Clinton’s grrlll-power wrath will melt all three.

Hillary will read a field this weak and wide open as an engraved invitation to take up the sacred pilgrimage to the holy electoral sites of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

Besides the obvious weakness of the other candidates, she has other reasons to believe a second nomination is achievable –

  1. Hillary can leverage the Mueller investigation to portray herself to primary voters as the great and noble martyr of a “vast Trump-Putin conspiracy” similar to her old portrayal of herself as the great and noble martyr of a misogynistic vast right wing conspiracy.
  2. The Democratic Party is machine oriented. This machine was largely created by her husband after a long Democratic exile from the White House. Bill Clinton’s shadow over the Party loomed so large that even Obama was largely governing while, so to speak, “renting” a machine that Bill founded. Because the Democratic apparatus has so much leverage over the nomination process and because no plausible successor to Hillary emerged after 2016, she could once again use the Party machinery to foist herself upon her voter base.
  3. Her dedicated campaign aides like John Podesta, Sidney Bloomenthal and Leon Pannetta are the most psychopathic operatives in the whole Party. They are also, like her, out of work and would gladly give their full effort to another campaign because, like her, they are power hungry and want more money.


Trump cannot by himself choose his opponent.  But there is room for him to tilt the field in certain directions, at key intervals, with strategic use of his command over the news cycle.

One method is to spar with her over the next year in order to keep her name in the headlines – with the caveat that any fight should not draw support to her in a general election.

This would help her chances when other candidates start to gain momentum.  By fighting with her he, for a news cycle or two, he transforms the conversation into a Trump vs Hillary spectacle.

This subconsciously leads to a “rally around Hillary” effect by creating the subtle impression that a “Trump vs Hillary” matchup is already underway in the minds of Democrats.  Even those Democrats who consciously do not want to vote for her would find it hard not to instinctively come to her defense when she is attacked by Trump.  By keeping her name in the headlines he indirectly boosts Democratic voter attention on her.

4 thoughts on “Why the Democratic Primary Could Break for Hillary & How Trump Can Facilitate Her Primary Campaign”

  1. Her run is incredibly unlikely and Trump is otherwise indisposed. Better odds on Jr. being indicted for sure.

  2. It is plausible, though not certain, she will run again.

    She has nothing else to do, is consumed with lust for absolute power, this is her absolute last opportunity to seize power, and she and her still politically astute husband can see how lame the primary field is as well as I can.

  3. Voters are tough on general election losers.

    Modern pres. campaigns are wearing, even on psychopaths like Hillary. Her health issues are probably a factor.

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