Keeping the Collusion Hallucination Alive

Uncle Joe showed us all that a good show trial ought to be entertaining.

Sadly for those few of us looking for interesting stories to talk about, the dreary, gray, meandering, show trial Mueller is putting on to amuse the giggling idiots of the anti-Trump elite is amusing only to them, not non-gigglers and non-idiots.

As I have maintained since May of this year, Russiagate has been all process crimes unrelated to an underlying “collusion” (?) crime

Whatever crimes happened involving Trump advisers are most likely isolated to those advisers and unrelated to the campaign.  Most likely these are tax and regulatory reporting irregularities, many of them occurring years before Trump began his campaign in mid-2015.

Comey’s strategy was a variant taken from the playbook of his mentor and friend, Patrick Fitzgerald.  The Fitzgerald strategy is to spend years kindling a media firestorm with limited, but carefully selected, leaks about a major investigation into the supposed crimes of a Republican White House, but only to end up nailing a few suspects on investigative crimes unrelated to the major felony the media was yearning for.

This was Fitzgerald’s approach to the bogus Valerie Plame “outing”; I believe it was Comey’s strategy in the bogus election investigation.

But with modifications.

Instead of being satisfied with exonerating the White House for the underlying crime but nailing advisers on unrelated charges as Fitzgerald did in “Plamegate“, Comey hoped to bring down Trump on an obstruction of justice charge; charges that could either leave his Presidency sandbagged with a large scandal or actually lead to impeachment.

Comey’s reported actions are consistent with passive-aggressive attempts to anger Trump in order to get him to make statements that could be construed as interfering with the investigation.

The indictment of Michael Flynn in no way deviates from this script of prosecutorial malpractice:  The indictment alleges only that Flynn made false statements to the FBI about diplomatic communications Flynn held with Russia during the Presidential transition.

It does not allege there was anything illegal about contacting the Russians (the Presidential transition teams of both Reagan and Carter made important diplomatic communications before inauguration day) or that Flynn committed crimes during the campaign.

The only hope anti-Trump has for actual collusion being uncovered is if Flynn provides information in the future that is not already in the released documents.

Anti-Trump refuses to believe what Mueller has in his Flynn plea agreement is not what he Mueller end up with.  Their rationale goes that Mueller would not have given Flynn a slap on the wrist unless Flynn was going to promise to reveal collusion evidence at a later date when a new plea agreement will be magically pulled out of a hat.

Unfortunately for anti-Trump, this is just not how plea agreements work.

As Andrew McCarthy pointed out, prosecutors and defendants both have a deep interest in precisely detailing what information and/or help the defendant will provide the prosecution before the plea agreement is signed.

A plea agreement is a powerful document because it is a binding legal contract that greatly restricts the ability of either party to discard the rules afterwards:  In exchange for a promise of information/cooperation from the defendant, the defendant is given legal protection from additional legal punishment if the prosecution is later dissatisfied with the value of the information.  And, in exchange for prosecutorial leniency, the prosecution is given a legal guarantee for information/cooperation.

What this means is that for Mueller and Flynn to both be “saving campaign related information for a later plea agreement” they would be putting their own interests at risk simply because no binding plea agreement exists yet.

Until both the prosecution and defense sign a plea agreement, Mueller cannot be sure Flynn will provide any information about collusion in the future while Flynn cannot be sure Mueller will not prosecute him for any collusion related crimes Mueller might connect Flynn to.

The takeaway of all this is the worst interpretation of the Flynn indictment from anti-Trump’s point of view:  Mueller did not indict Flynn for campaign collusion with Russia because there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

If anti-Trump were correct that Flynn and Mueller are going to make the deal of a lifetime, it would already be on paper.

Another indicator Mueller has found nothing collusion related is, according to Friday’s court documents, the two senior officials Flynn talked to about Russia (one of whom is presumed to be Jared Kushner) and who are likely to be Mueller’s next targets are under suspicion for false statements those officials made during the transition about messages Flynn relayed to the Russian government.

If the next indictments are also related to Flynn’s talks with Russian officials during the transitioninstead of the campaign – then we will know for sure Mueller has no evidence of collusion.

Indeed, at this point it would be bizarre for an underlying crime to be revealed after two major campaign staffers (Manafort and Flynn) and two lesser staffers (Gates and Papadopolus) were indicted for process crimes that Mueller’s own documents show are completely unrelated to Russia’s supposed election meddling.

At similar points in the news cycle, for previous DC scandals from Watergate, to Iran Contra, to Bill Clinton’s countless legal battles – the alleged underlying crime had already been defined from the beginning; plea deals with defendants turned-informants made mention of the underlying crime; and evidence of the underlying crime was being produced on regular basis.

By contrast, the Russia collusion narrative still has not so much as defined what the underlying crime is; none of the defendants have been charged with anything related to an underlying crime; and no evidence of an underlying crime has been produced.

In the complete absence of an underlying crime, it is long-past time for the special counsel’s office to be left completely absent of the crackpot investigators hallucinating all day, at taxpayer expense, about it.


12 thoughts on “Keeping the Collusion Hallucination Alive”

  1. Excellent analysis.

    The Supreme Court just sided with Trump on the ban (full agreement to come later).

    What do you think about the San Francisco “it is ok for illegal immigrants to shoot white women” case? Real miscarriage of justice there.

    The North Korean situation is getting bleaker. So there will be a naval embargo and Trump also wants to cut off the oil; if China does not go for that, then maybe hitting the oil refinery is the next step.

    Terrible situation, do you think Trump will go to war over this?

    Let’s say USG does go to war, who do you think within the administration are necessary for it be green-lit? Matthis, McMaster and, to a lesser extent, Kelly; Pence probably and not sure about Tillerson. Another question is whether or not you think USG will try to provoke a war or go to war without SK.

  2. What do you think about the San Francisco “it is ok for illegal immigrants to shoot white women” case?

    It’s what I would expect from a city that has (according to a relative from Northern California whom I recently touched base with) also turned itself into a slum for the homeless with heroin needles strewn everywhere.

    Terrible situation, do you think Trump will go to war over this?

    Yes, because he has superior firepower and because a credible North Korean threat to US territory is unacceptable.

    McMaster is the senior official most in favor of preserving a military option. Tillerson may be on the way out. Mattis isn’t revealing his preferences, but if he gets an order to attack the North’s nuclear facilities he will do it.

    Another question is whether or not you think USG will try to provoke a war or go to war without SK.

    Both South Korea and Japan are onboard for war because the North is doing the provoking.

  3. The verdict should clearly have been a man 2.

    Fortunately, Federal charges are being filed.

    Things are starting look like the start of a full blown global war.

    The Muslims will do nothing about the embassy because, ultimately, it is a symbolic move that doesn’t change anything for them strategically and because none of them really care about the Palestinians.

    The Korean Peninsula is certainly heading for war, but the Muslims have no say on what goes on over there.


    What a joy! Seeing the world’s greatest troller up against the world’s most easily trolled people.

    Erodogan could do something really stupid here.

    “”Jerusalem is our honour, Jerusalem is our common cause, Jerusalem is our red line,” he added, urging the Trump administration to “return from this grave mistake immediately”.”

    “Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said the expected US move risked igniting a “fire” in the Middle East and will prove a “great disaster”.”

    Compared to the “disaster” and “fire” that already exists?

    If the Turks rile Muslims up – in Europe especially – the Americans could start applying pressure and it it would, most importantly, force the Europeans to apply pressure as well. If Ergogan opened the floodgates to Muslims immigrants it could force Europe to respond like Hungry. It could even lead to widespread disobedience against the government by Europeans. We may even see a Euro Spring.

  5. I don’t recall Erdogan – or the “Arab street” – being worried about Westerners developing negative perceptions about Islam after one of their coreligionists in France decapitated a Catholic priest.

    If they aren’t worried about attacking Westerners, Westerners shouldn’t be concerned about their religious symbols.

    The Arabs will do nothing about this except pound their fists into the air.

    Erdogan isn’t in a position to help. It would be very easy to throw him off balance by threatening to give nuclear weapons to Greece and recognizing an independent Kurdistan.

  6. Exactly.

    Furthermore, where are the riots? Where are the killings? One would have thought the Muslims would have exploded (literally) with rage. Sure, there seems to be some planning for a day of rage but……

    Then, there is Abass claiming that this is a declaration of war on all Muslims….

    If the response stays muted, then it just goes to show that taking hard measures and taking on their “sensibilities” shut’s them up.

    Even if they do riot, then it just plays into the hands of Trump and Israel.

    So Trump is moving his enemies all into position. Putting the Dems, the European establishment, Erogan and all the rest in the same box….


  7. “So Trump is moving his enemies all into position.”

    Trump is simply illustrating that the proper way to deal with Muslims is treat them with all the respect they would be willing to reciprocate in others: none.

  8. Designate as a terrorist organisation now.

    The Arabs brag like North Koreans but can’t back up their words.

    In a year (if not sooner) almost all of the average street Arab will have moved on.

    As for Arab leaders, as is the case for all leaders, watch what they do not what they say.


    So are Israel and Saudi Arabia going to go to the mattresses with Iran? Will Israel also clean out Hamas and Hezbollah?

    If Turkey keeps going, will the U.S arms the Kurds and let them have independence?

    What could Turkey do?

    Flood Europe with Muslims?

    How might that work out?

    Could lead to military coups across Europe.

    Then war with Turkey.

    Repatriation of Muslims to this new city that Salman wants to build (Neom).

    Big question is what would Russia do?

    They have interests in the region.

    The fact that America and Trump is locked in and cannot give concessions to Russia in order to form some sort of pragmatic partnership and then a more durable political architecture is a real problem.

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