Uraniumgate & Dossiergate Signal Trump Wins The Russia Collusion Battle

Russia APEC


Just call her Radioactive Girl.

The Russia-Trump collusion story is finished now that it’s been torpedoed by the story of Russia-Clinton collusion.

This fight is being called on simple persuasion points:  Whatever criminal collusion may have actually occurred between Russia and Trump is buried under a mountain of nebulous links and tangential connections to Russia that are either not criminal (e.g. Don Jr’s. meeting with a Russian lobbyist) or have little or nothing to do with actions that implicate Trump (e.g. Paul Manafort’s revenue he collected from Russia and Ukraine prior to the start of Trump’s campaign in mid-2015).

To the extent connections such as these can be argued to qualify as “collusion” their context and connections are far too complex for most voters – who by now are exhausted with the story – to make sense of.

Not so with America’s Madame Uranium.

The undisputed facts about her latest scandal are all too easy for voters to understand and for Trump to joyously spin.

Those undisputed facts are:  The Clinton’s were paid hundreds of millions of dollars by Russia.  Afterwards then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved selling control of 20% of America’s uranium stockpile to Russia.

This is all to easy for Trump to, approximately, frame as – In exchange for more a than $100 million donation, Russia bribed Hillary Clinton to approve the sale of our uranium to Vladimir Putin’s government.

The most skilled persuader would be hard pressed to convincingly spin this transaction as innocent even if it was completely innocent in nature.

What innocent explanation is there for why Russia would want our uranium but for the most nefarious purposes?  Merely having “American uranium” and “Russia” in the same sentence is a persuasion nightmare for Clinton Inc, or any spindoctor .  Those scare words automatically invite voters to speculate that our nuclear weapons (uranium) have been compromised by our oldest, most legendary, nuclear foe (Russia).

If sifting through Russia-Trump collusion is murky and tiresome; Russia-Clinton is crystal clear and easy to explain in the worst possible context.

Dossiergate enhances this same dynamic:  It simultaneously makes connecting Russia-Trump more confusing by discrediting the dossier itself and the FBI because both are now clearly linked to Clinton opposition research tricks.

Both scandals put the media in a hopeless position if it wants to keep pursuing Trump-Russia.

The more they talk up Trump-Russia the more they confuse the voters with the case’s ever increasing complexity.  Meanwhile, in the process of incoherently connecting Trump to Russia, they risk further clarifying the much easier to understand links between Clinton and Russia.  By extension, linking Clinton more deeply with Russia increasingly can only do damage to the Democrats as a whole given that the Democratic Party has long been integrated deeply with the ambitions of the Clinton family.

Trump couldn’t have asked for better scandals to persuade with.

2 thoughts on “Uraniumgate & Dossiergate Signal Trump Wins The Russia Collusion Battle”

  1. It would appear that the potential for Clinton blow-back did not deterred the Progressives this morning.

  2. It would appear that the potential for Clinton blow-back did not deterred the Progressives this morning.

    Mueller rushed the indictments because the Clinton connections to Russia- and Mueller’s role as then FBI Director in burying an investigation into Russia’s uranium bribe to the Clintons – were coming to light.

    And all he managed to get were some possible tax and regulatory violations by Manafort that occurred before the campaign and a lower level staffer who tried to arrange meetings with Russians.

    Nothing he produced adds to the case for collusion.

    Meanwhile the Clintons role is still emerging.

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