The End of Week Circulars for September 03, 2017

North Korea’s Missile Test Over Japan

Kim’s latest test is more confirmation North Korea and the United States are, as predicted here, still heading for open conflict despite Kim’s cancellation of a missile test near Guam because their respective goals are unacceptable to the other side.

The North’s goal is to finish its ICBM work by deterring America from military action while their project is ongoing; America’s goal is to eliminate that program by diplomacy preferably but by force if necessary.

Any diplomatic solution is looking more remote by the moment  – the North continues to refuse to so much as open talks on limiting their nuclear program and it’s nearly impossible to imagine them cooperating honestly with any negotiated disarmament program rigorous enough to satisfy Trump who this week authorized American planes to join South Korean jets in dropping bombs near the DMZ.

With neither side backing down from their ultimate goals, and with North Korea making rapid advances the time is approaching when Trump will have to use force to destroy the North’s nascent ICBM project.

Potential DACA Cancellation

Trump will probably end DACA by allowing it to expire in two years because state governments are likely to eventually win a Supreme Court ruling against it.  Trump may hope this will spur Congress to authorize a Dream Act (legally for a change instead of through an illegal Obama executive order) in exchange for some other restrictionist legislation.  It is assumed that Democrats will not exchange anything to get the Dream Act, but announcing the program will be wound down in two years may force the Democrats to make a deal because they will be under more time pressure to do something to compromise as soon as the two year countdown begins.

No, Harvey does not indicate Global Warming

The connection of Harvey’s “intensity” to AGW is logically irrelevant to Warmista propaganda that storms would become more “intense” as the earth warmed – not that Warmists ever were interested in facts!  Harvey was only a category 4 storm.  Harvet turned into a disaster because it was held in place by a pressure system that blocked it from making land and dissipating.

Beyond that tidbit of scientific wisdom I have nothing else to say about the storm because it speaks for itself – in case of storm either swim, take shelter, or be swept away into the Gulf of Mexico.


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