How Prole Was the Leadership of the Russian Revolution?

We can’t resist this analysis given how overtly hostile Western Progressivism has become to traditional Communist principles (any tactics in common are used to achieve very, very different ends from the boys that took Red Square) now that immigration has lessened the need for them to pretend to care about a white proletariat.

As the song goes, the Progressives are not Marxists of any kind whatsoever.  When all was said and done Karl und Friedrich wanted a dictatorship of the proles free of class divisions, and where government itself would disappear as an unnecessary legacy system from history.

What Progressives are actually trying to bring about is not Marxism (defunct everywhere except a highly determined Hermit Kingdom) but something called Positivism; as a form of government it is a permanently class stratified, permanently regulating, anti-proletarian dictatorship of Sociologists and Bureaucrats.

All of Progressivism’s end states are irreconcilable with Communism.  Marx, of course, was in favor of scientific government.  But his design failed in no small part because it depended on proles figuring out how to run such a thing and because Western prole voters were too dim to tell the difference between “Communists” and  Progressives.

Considering their substantial degradation, today’s odds of proletarian rule are now as much of a total political impossibility as #NeverTrump learning how to win an election.  Their best hope is to cling to Trump’s Hamiltonian elitism for dear life.  But that Hamiltonian politics has become the prole’s one safe space just goes to show the best bet for the proles has always been to back aristocracy.

Two centuries after Positivism was invented, its modern practice by America’s Progressives, Britain’s Fabian Socialists, and the Brussels Supranationalists is so far advanced into its anti-prole agenda of open borders and free trade that Marx and Engels would surely define Progressivism as a Capitalistic plot to destroy what’s left of the proletariat.

Far from marching with antifa Marx and Engels would be throwing grenades at them – “If you Capitalist-stooges would take your heads for a moment out of your transgender toilets“, they’d say “you’ll see the Western leadership is wealthier and more decadent than any 19th century Imperialist while the proletariat has been ethnically cleansed and outsourced into oblivion to sabotage class warfare!

I am, for differing reasons, as horrified by this spectacle as Marx would have been.

If Marx would openly call Progressivism Capitalism it is time to put things in perspective to see how class warfare was done in the name of a brutal, but much less complex, ideology; one whose outcome was to raise the prole into power instead of flushing him down the toilets of all 57 genders.

  • Josef Stalin (Prole) – Peasant parents, alcoholic cobbler father.
  • Leon Trotsky (Recent Upper Middle Class) – Parents became wealthy from farming, but farming is a prole activity.
  • Vladimir Lenin (Recent Middle Class) – His father was a freed serf who worked his way up to become a teacher for the children of nobility.
  • Alexander Shliapnikov (Prole) – Peasant parents, as a teen Shliapnakov was a factory worker.
  • Pyotr Kropotkin (Aristocracy) – His aristocratic father was a serf owner, held large tracts of land and his royal bloodlines predated the Romanovs. His mother was the daughter of a Cossack general, suggesting partial-proledom.
  • Viktor Nogin (Prole) – Shopkeeper father, Nogin worked as a weaver.
  • “The Iron Felix” Dzerzhinsky (Aristocracy) – Parents were aristocracy.
  • Nestor Makhno (Prole) – Parents were peasants, as a child he worked as a shepard.
  • Alexei Rykov (Prole) – Parents were peasant farmers.
  • Nikolai Krylenko (Prole) – Parents were poor, father worked as a tax collector.
  • Lazar Kaganovich (Prole) – Employed in a factory.
  • Leon Kamenev (Prole) – Father was a railroad worker.
  • Nikolai Gorbunov (Upper Middle Class) – Father was an engineer and ran his own factory.
  • Mikhail Bakunin (Aristocracy) – Father was a diplomat and aristocrat who owned serfs.
  • Pavel Dybenko (Prole) – Peasant family.
  • Nikolai Bukharin (Prole) – Schoolteacher parents.
  • Ivan Teodorovich (Prole) – Father was a land surveyor.
  • Georgy Chicherin (Aristocracy) – Father was an aristocrat and diplomat.
  • Lavrenti Beria (Prole) – Father was a minor landholder.



The prole component of the Russian Revolution was strong with 12 out of 19 being proles.  Much more prole than the Technocratic elite of Western Progressivism ever was.

Moreover, 2 of the 19 hailed from recent middle class families that were initially so prole that they were raised with prole-sympathies.

Interestingly, 4 out of the 19 were former aristocrats.  But unlike Progressive elites these former aristocrats sacrificed their personal wealth to join the proles in Revolution.  Western Progressives would never risk lowering their wealth and status to join proles.


2 thoughts on “How Prole Was the Leadership of the Russian Revolution?”

  1. Excellent little addendum to your major work.

    It is funny, but on the same day:

    There is an analysis of caste and class backgrounds of Nazism, Tranzism (Progressivism) and Communism.

    Your analysis is spot on; even the later leadership of the Soviet Union had a “proleish” quality to it.

    One thing though, it is not “class warfare” that is the explanation, but unsecure power as per Patron Theory of Politics.

  2. One thing though, it is not “class warfare” that is the explanation, but unsecure power as per Patron Theory of Politics.

    I used the common term because I’m not quite sold on Patron Theory yet.

    Have you had a chance to examine the updated section to Robber Baron Capitalism II – Hamiltonian Arguments Against the Austrian Business Cycle?

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