After Charlottesville Trump Ramps The Chess Game Up to 10-Dimensions

Because 4-Dimensions wasn’t challenging enough.

May the record show I endorse keeping all Confederate monuments where they are, returning those that were removed, and flying the Confederate battle flag anywhere except at events involving official flag ceremonies.  I happily endorse the Stars and Bars if for no other reason than because I know the LARP Left will eventually resume their offensive against Alexander Hamilton:  Last year there were plans to remove our hero from the $10 bill.  Although their plan was dropped we know this respite is momentary against an enemy whose motto is “Forward!” whenever it sees a brick wall.

Back to Trump and his dimension defying chess board…

Let’s review how true or false Trump’s press conference statements actually were –

  • Both sides were guilty of engaging in violence (True)
  • By the “reasoning” of the Left monuments to Washington must also be taken down (True)
  • There were good people on both sides (Unprovable, but statistically quite plausible because only one person on each side makes the statement true)

Nothing Trump said was remotely controversial.

Nothing controversial if one isn’t hallucinating.  Unfortunately, too many are.  There is a LARP Left just as there is a LARP Right and – if I dare risk accusations of “moral equivalency” – neither is LARPing because their minds are focused outside their respective imaginary universes.

Fortunately, Trump with his 10-dimensional moves at yesterday’s press conference has once again outmaneuvered the Left by persuasion-manipulating their hallucination against themselves.

To the hallucinogenic twitter-heads Trump’s perfectly reasonable statement (presented in mathematical format) was

  • Both sides are to blame = LARP Right + LARP Left are manic

Becomes to the LARP Left

  • Both sides are to blame = LARP Right is 100% good, LARP Left is 100% manic

To the non-hallucinating the plain facts show that with the use of the word “both”apparently an exotic word the media has never before heard of! – Trump indicated LARP Right was also manic, evil, etc. etc.

To the hallucinating, “both” equals “one”.  Hence we have the Left hallucination (shared by the LARP Right) that Trump only condemned LARP Left.

To them if you believe 2 does not equal 1 you must be an 1840s slave owner.

We have isolated the mistake on the part of the LARP Left.

But how does this suggest Trumpian genius.

The genius enters this picture because Trump is aware the Left can no longer think.  The Left hallucinates; their hallucination has now lowered them to a state where they can only chase after symbols instead of make plans in accordance with reality.

And nothing gets the Left’s neuron signalling to misfire more effectively than Trump discussing irrelevant human symbols of Nazism marching for the doomed cause of Hitlerism without Hitler, because the Left will automatically (mis)interpret Trump’s statement to mean Trump is Hitler.

Trump was fully aware of this the whole time as he prepared the cognitive trap; at the right moment he sprung it on the Left’s faulty interpretation software to deliberately send them into spasms of raving, foaming at the mouth hysteria.

What political advantage does Trump gain from this mania?

The first advantage is the Left will repeat Trump’s words endlessly without realizing everything he said was eminently sensible.  When voters hear audio of Trump saying  “both sides are wrong” for the 1,000th time they will be confused why the media interprets this to mean “only one side was wrong“.  When they display text of Trump mentioning “Washington’s monuments will have to go to” the voters will eventually ask whether Trump is right.

The Left does not actually want to answer the voters questions, but they will be inviting the questions because the media – chasing hallucinogenic symbols of “racism” – can’t help themselves from overplaying their hand by repeating Trump’s logical comments on infinite loop.

The next advantage is that the media is guaranteed to stay on this saga much too long – space aliens landing at the Superbowl to steal the Vince Lombardi trophy won’t get the media to report on something other than this alt-LARP non-story.

When those aliens land the only being on Earth smarter than them will be our hyper-dimensional President Trump who will have already time-traveled with Putin into the future to steal the 2020 Presidential election.


9 thoughts on “After Charlottesville Trump Ramps The Chess Game Up to 10-Dimensions”

  1. now stop being a libertarian already.

    Libertarianism has nothing to with anything here.

    can you give me hints on how to leave paraguay?

    You’ll have to evade Argentine, Brazilian and Uruguayan paramilitary forces.

    But it’s all within the capabilities of a quality caudillo strongman, Si?

  2. Nah, it’s a big focus of his. He just more focused on the histerics, you on the logic and bigger picture.

  3. Of course.

    He has to give himself some room for deniability to keep me from building a legal case against him.

    Either way, make sure to read both of us to give yourself the broadest possible perspective.

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