Joseph Stalin Puts Anti-Trump on Show Trial

For a systems perspective on the Russia “investigation” we turn to Stalin.

And by “Russia investigation” I do not mean its surface justification but its actual purpose to serve as a political show trial.

If it’s a show trial we’re discussing, Uncle Joe is the ideal subject matter expert to call on.

How would Stalin judge of this kangaroo court as a kangaroo court and nothing else.

Complaints of Russian collusion, especially, I imagine he’d enjoy a hearty laugh to go with his evening pipe.  They’re worried Trump and Putin colluded to release John Podesta’s emails about holding naked “pizza parties” with young boys?!

Amateurs!’, Joe would say between puffs.  Comrade Franklin gave me the recipe for the fucking bomb – and don’t doubt for a moment Roosevelt didn’t approve with full awareness all the espionage, nuclear related and otherwise.  Hitler apparently never signed a document approving the Holocaust either; rarely did his signature touch forms approving assignments for Einsatzgruppen.  But the reasons we know Hitler is as guilty of ordering both (despite a lack of official documentary evidence) are the same reasons any objective analyst must conclude FDR greenlighted Communist espionage between Franklin’s henchmen and Stalin’s Kremlin.

The two relevant groups in this circus to study are #NeverTrump Republicans and inner party Progressives.

The reaction of #NeverTrump to Priebus’ firing perfectly captures the hopelessly delusional state of these pundits.  When he was fired, #NeverTrump righteously, without any shame or self-awareness, condemned Priebus for the sin of not allowing them a floor challenge to Trump’s nomination.

What they mean, in plain Georgian, is that Priebus is guilty of not helping #NeverTrump steal the convention vote when Trump held a clear majority of delegates.  This theft, btw, would never have been considered if an establishment Republican held the slimmest of delegate leads over Trump.

Now, Stalin would be the last person in history to begrudge entitled, corrupt elites (even if elite-only-in-their-own-minds) like #NeverTrump from stealing an election.  But our mustached schoolmaster would ask #NeverTrumper students whether they were prepared to steal the nomination?

The mighty Soviet of Soviets would shake his head at his pupils.

Did Stalin not famously preach (and, oh, what practice came with his preaching!) the votes matter not, but who counts the votes?  And did #NeverTrump take heed of Stalin’s gospel by having Priebus rig the delegate count as Hillary did with her superdelegates?


For this negligence Stalin would not have forgiven #NeverTrump.  Afterall, these counts do have to be arranged well in advance – not even Stalin dared to risk a Soviet vote tally be announced that had him with a minority share.

Yet, without doing the necessary vote-rigging legwork nor taking a moment off drooling on Twitter, infantile #NeverTrumpers expected they were entitled at the convention to be more Stalinistic than Stalin by having Priebus simply veto Trump’s delegate majority in broad daylight.

No Siberian gulag is harsh enough punishment for #NeverTrump’s pig ignorance.

For these reasons and many more, Stalin would disregard #NeverTrump as serving as anything but a powerless spectator in the kangaroo court proceedings.

Then he would turn to the Progressives.

Unlike the utterly hapless #NeverTrump wing of the GOP, the Progressives are still formidable.

Yet, the Presidency is a powerful locus of power for Trump to be operating from – Pardon power, ability to wage war.

American Intelligence agencies?  No reason Stalin would have faith in modern “spooks” if they are incompetent at gathering intelligence about actual overseas threats.


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