The End of Week Circulars for July 30, 2017

McCain is Why Priebus and the GOPe Got Whacked by Scaramucci

If only the Vietcong had kept McCain…

I proudly stand behind my record at making predictions.

As in the military, an after-action report is necessary when Pragmatically Distributed is right, and when there is a miss.  Our previous analyses of the Obamacare repeal effort deserves nothing less.

For the moment this week’s Senate vote was technically a delay; the House bill remains alive in the Senate as a parliamentary vehicle that can force a House-Senate conference if the Senate finds some bill that can win 50 Senators + the Veep.

I still expect the Senate to eventually get a partial repeal through.  Especially now that Trump has taken my advice to threaten a cancellation of (illegal) exchange and Congressional subsidies.

Yet, this must be considered a setback.

The missed variable was that McCain would be such a complete asshole.

McCain’s voyage back to the Senate before the vote was emblematic of his odd history with the Republican Party, an odd history that usually results in Republicans retching in horror.  Following McCain’s surgery and his cancer diagnosis he was rushed back overnight in a luxury, taxpayer funded, RV from Arizona to the Capitol.  When he appeared on the Senate floor he was met with hails by Republican Senators as a hero for rising out of the surgery room at the last moment to save them on a crucial vote with no margin for error.  But their cheers turned to farce when it turned out the heroic (if incompetent…) fighter pilot was, in reality, the old, brainless, zombie McCain who reanimated himself to life for the sole purpose of joyfully knifing the GOP in the back at the moment his party needed him the most.

The US Senate is a den of liars. It is very used to seeing and endorsing crime and deception of every type. But even in the Senate there were audible gasps of shock at McCain’s treasonous vote against his party.

The tragicomedy actors on the Senate floor are part of what is known as the Republican establishment.

As a Hamiltonian I consider myself a Republican because Alexander Hamilton is the de facto founder of the GOP.  The sin of the post-Hoover Republicans has been to not govern according to winning Hamiltonian principles.

I view it as my mission to restore Hamiltonian domination over the Party.  In this restorational quest I have the advantage of Trump who is governing as a Hamiltonian Republican more than any President in nearly a century.  Trump has gotten much worthwhile done.

But, as we see, the Party is resisting the Hamiltonian Restoration because the Restoration can only lead to earth shattering victory; and victory remains anathema to a Party addicted to losing Rockefeller Republican style.

This leads me to Scaramucci.

The establishment, particularly anti-Trump, has mocked Trump’s allegedly insane removal of a good establishmentarian like Priebus for a bloodthirsty psychopath like Scaramucci.

My response is the insane move for Trump would be to follow the advice of #NeverTrump who #NeverWin and #NeverWill to select another standard RNC “strategist” like Priebus for communications.

The RNC playbook also said McCain had to be rushed back from Arizona to D.C. to “save” healthcare.  Scaramucci’s mafia playbook says they should have sent a hit man to smother the terminally ill zombie fucker with a pillow so he could be replaced immediately by Arizona’s Republican Governor.

Since I have nothing good say about McCain (in case it wasn’t obvious) now that his demise is within view, here is a small Pragmatically Distributed salute to a greater Vietnam vet –

Sessions to DHS?

Unfortunately it appears Sessions may not have been the best choice to be Attorney General.  Too many politically charged issues fall under DoJ’s jurisdiction and Sessions is too much of a by-the-book guy to play politics the way Trump wants him to, indeed, needs him to if Trump wants to get the intelligence agencies to do something other than play Tetris on their iPhones or probe Miss Universe.

Yet I very strongly want Sessions to remain in the administration.

That’s why I like the rumor of him moving to DHS.

If Sessions takes the wheel at DHS he is less likely to get into a conflict with Trump, but still have significant influence over immigration policy.  And perhaps Trump can get an AG who will shutdown Mueller.


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