Trump Hits Another Persuasion Home Run

At 4-dimensional chess Trump is still the Grandmaster.

With so many dimensions to his moves – and at least 57 genders to keep track of on the menacing trans-Liberal side of the board! – where to start with the analysis this game deserves?

Let’s start at the micro-level political implications then work up to the macro.

If good politics is good policy then forbidding transvestites from joining the military is a double play.  Transvestites are afflicted with severe mental disorders and sky high suicide rates.  The many burdens arsing from their mental instability should not be allowed to weigh down on one of the many crowning achievements of Hamilton and Lincoln, the American military industrial complex.

In terms of strict partisanship the obvious political advantages are that a hurdle has been removed from the way to passage of a defense bill that contains border wall funding.  The bill was bogged down by arguments over money for transvestite “transition” treatments.  Thanks to Trump’s ban this absurd debate (absurd because it should not have been part of any military debate in the first place) is no longer a problem.

Another win for Trump is higher approval among the GOP’s sizable wing of Christian Conservative voters.

At a higher level we have the concepts of diversionary tactics and signal overload to review.

Trump has put diversionary tactics into play because the Left will spend a great deal of energy trying to overturn this rule with their usual crackpot activism.

What they don’t realize is that Trump doesn’t need to invest a fraction of the effort to maintain the ban because Trump has less to lose in case the rule is overturned.

Trump wins even if this rule is struck down by the Supreme Court; speaking of which, won’t Anthony Kennedy be delighted he didn’t retire when he sees what the “male” protesters outside SCOTUS look like.  You’ll be very lucky, Anthony, if the Capitol Police don’t end up yelling through their bullhorns at the “men” to put their dresses back on.

By the time the ban has worked its way through the court system the defense bill will have long since been signed by Trump with border wall funding attached. For its part the military can probably live with more transvestite enlistees, as undesirable as they may be, because transvestites are such a small fraction of the population.

Meanwhile, the Left will not be able to resist diverting so much of their time and political capital to re-opening enlistment for trannies. This will dilute the energy from political battlefields that are much more consequential; e.g., health care, tax cuts, the Russia investigation, infrastructure, immigration, and so forth.

If the Left does overturn the ban, it will be at the expense of capital that could have been used to block priorities Trump privately ranks higher on his to do list.  If the ban holds up in court, the Left has nothing at all to show for the effort.

The reaction of political moderates will increasingly be marked by signal overload.

Politically active Liberals may be able to keep track of Mueller’s kangaroo court trial of Vladimir Putin & Trump, legislative battles, stalled budgets, media hysterics, and this shiny new front in the transgender wars.

But moderates will not.  We must be at, or close to, the point where the amount of information needed to process what is going on with all of these various Liberal offensives against Trump is beyond the bandwidth the loosely attached voter can process.  When signal overloads this bandwidth, the moderate voter tunes out what the Left says; not only on crossdressing soldiering but Mueller’s circus act.

This leaves Trump poised to seize the initiative on some other topic that advantages him.


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