Macron & Comey – Cyphers, Cyphers Everywhere

That grandstanding jackass, Comey, will be dealt with in a moment.

But it is French President Macron’s comments about the unsustainability of Africa’s birth rate that is the the primary motivation for today’s entry.

Not Africa’s demographic situation by itself.

My own quick take is that ending immigration from Africa should be France’s priority.  Only after that should the West decide on its stance towards Africa; whether that stance ends up being placement of the Continent under some sort of neocolonial custodianship, as suggested by Larry Auster; isolationism; or what have you.

What I’m really interested in is what Macron’s break from orthodoxy, and his own rise to power, say about the systematic health of a diseased Progressive-Technocrat establishment.

Is Macron a Conservative?  Although he has done nothing of note yet, there is no reason for hope he will be of use on immigration or Islamic terrorism.

Everything about his background – his Énarque pedigree, previous service to Technocrat Socialist governments, embrace of the EU – points to Macron’s political philosophy being generally in agreement with the philosophy of the rest of the ruling elite, Bureaucratic Dictatorship AKA Progressivism.

So, if he is substantially a Progressive why those comments about Africa?  (I dismiss his rapprochement with Trump as merely an attempt to soften what Macron sees as Trump’s rough edges to make Trump more diplomatically amenable.  My advice to Trump?  Amend nothing! Resist those flattering Parisian overtures!)

The reason, simply, is that Macron like Comey is an ambitious cypher not fully vetted or understood by the establishment before they were empowered.  Both were handed power to act as agents charged with saving the elite’s suddenly wobbly projects from collapse after normal political channels had failed.

Macron was accepted by the elite because he seemed Socialist enough and because they feared Le Pen would fill the vacuum created by the collapse in credibility of the French Socialists and EU.

Comey was supposed to dig up a case for impeachment against Trump after unexpectedly winning the Presidency.

And both Macron and Comey have been very secretive about their plans, even keeping their elite sponsors in the dark.

More and more we see cyphers appear in top positions within Progressive politics to solve sudden crises of the Progressive’s own making.  This is a problem for Progressives.  Top officials should – in any healthy political system – be vetted through normal channels before gaining their posts.  The point of vetting is to keep out rogue elements from the top where they would be positioned to inflict all sorts of damage by surprise.

Was Comey, as I theorized, really hoping to leverage his investigation into a 2020 Presidential campaign?

I admit this was very speculative on my part.  However, it is undeniable that if Comey’s investigation led to impeachment proceedings (even if they failed) that Comey would have at least had a golden opportunity to run for President if he wanted to.

That’s an awful lot of opportunity to hand to an opportunist such as James Comey even if he never jumps into the political arena – though Comey is a Democrat and has connections to the Clinton’s he doesn’t seem to me as the type who would be on board with the Democrat’s transgender bathrooms, psycho-environmentalism, and so forth.

If Progressives turned out to be gravely befuddled by how Comey ran their extensive political machinery it will have been the fault of the Progressives for having thrown him the keys to the kingdom without knowing who he is much as it will be the fault of the EU elite for having given the keys to Macron without knowing who Macron is should he turn out to backfire on them in essential ways.

One Side Note to the Above

Where does Trump fit in the context of these two characters being cyphers?

Trump is a Hamiltonian Republican, the most Hamiltonian in nearly a hundred years.  His policies – infrastructure, business friendly Capitalism, protectionism, emphasis on manufacturing, realist (not isolationist) foreign policy willing to tolerate foreign despots if they cooperate, fueling the military industrial complex – are all Hamilton’s legacy policies that were successfully continued by Lincoln’s GOP until the election of FDR.

Since it was truly Hamilton who built America into the greatest power in history and the Wilson-FDR Progressives who hijacked it for the sake of evil, Trump is not a cypher at all but a long-overdue attempt at Hamiltonian Restoration.


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