The End of Week Circulars for June 25, 2017

The Meaning of the Georgia Special Election for the Special Counsel

The election means no one outside DC cares about the investigation for reasons that include the fact Comey himself admitted there was no evidence for collusion between Trump and Russia (then what is the point of the investigation!?) , the investigation is too complex for voters to understand, it isn’t a voter priority, or some combination of these plus other factors.

I have written that if Trump fires ends the investigation this summer the issue will be more or less completely forgotten by the midterms.  Georgia has proven me right.

To end the investigation Trump can –

  • Pardon all his advisers but leave the special counsel office technically open but with nothing to investigate.
  • Fire Mueller.
  • Both issue pardons and fire Mueller.

I recommend pardoning advisers immediately and then remove the special counsel after Christopher Wray is confirmed as the new FBI Director.

Most importantly, Trump needs to bring the investigation to a close so I can stop writing about this topic.


The Senate vote is approaching.

To encourage the Senate to approve a partial repeal of Obamacare Trump should state publicly that the exchange subsidies will have to come to an end unless a comprehensive health care fix is sent to his desk.

The Congress is terrified of the exchanges collapsing before the midterms and will have to pass some sort of fix with or without repeal legislation.

Since they will have to address the exchanges at some point, holding the subsidies hostage will make it more likely the Senate and House send a partial repeal to Trump’s desk.

Why haven’t Comey’s Memos been Released to Congress?

Only his close friend and mentor, Mueller, has a hold of the memos.  Senate investigators are being stiff armed.

This game of hide and go seek with key evidence from stakeholders with a right to know is another reason to fire Mueller so he doesn’t hoard the evidence for himself and release only tidbits that are useful to him.

WWDD – What Would Dilbert Do?

Trump has been repeating his mantra there was “no collusion”.

He can do better.  His current response makes it seem as if voters should take him at his word that there is no collusion.

What Trump should say is “Comey testified there was no collusion.  What are they investigating if Comey admitted there was no collusion?”

If Trump says he is innocent, that doesn’t move the public one way or other.

If Trump says Comey testified there was no collusion, then the public becomes even more confused about what the investigation is about when Trump’s enemy says his investigation found nothing.  The more confused the public is the more they will mentally give up and move on to something else.


I don’t see how there can be a civil war if the Left doesn’t know how to shoot.

An army fed by Whole Foods is a malnourished army destined to mostly collapse from exhaustion well before it reaches the battlefield.

This prole, Hodgkinson, fired dozens of rounds at dumb, geriatric, slow moving Congressional Republicans lounging on a flat baseball field, the fool Capitol police waited 3 whole minutes to return fire, and this slob could only wound the GOP’s Whip, Steve Scalise.

At least the prole knew how to reload his rifle.

But what hope is there for Prius drivers?