With the Dismissal of Comey Trump Trolls the Universe

Tonight President Trump fired James Comey because Pragmatically Distributed advised him to.

That must be the only explanation; because what other explanation could there be?

As is the glorious destiny of all the (increasingly numerous) Pragmatically Distributed lurkers who take the advice of this blog to heart, Trump will reap the benefits of following our wisdom.

In response to this Tuesday Night Massacre the Democrats will pursue the dead end of the supposed “hacking” into Hillary Clinton’s email server.  A server that was so poorly defended that Clinton would have been charged with criminal negligence in its setup had her last name been anything other than Clinton.

The Russia issue had looked to be exhausted, even from a narrowly partisan vantage point.  Instead of nabbing the entire Trump administration the Progressives succeeded only in taking down Mike Flynn too early to be of use to them, and embroiling Susan Rice in considerable legal complications.

Comey’s firing will be sure to renew the Democrat’s interest in a political dead end – if there were any hidden political treasure in the Russia investigation the Obama administration would have released it before the November election.  Since they released nothing we conclude Obama had nothing.

If Obama, having the great resources of the American intelligence community at his disposal, could find no crime to nail Trump with then the Congressional Democrats will surely also come up empty in any renewed investigation.

Trump, meanwhile, will be able to appoint an FBI Director who will pursue potentially criminal activities of the Obama administration and turn this newfound interest in Russia hacking against the Democrats.

What Trump partisan is partisan enough to strike fear into the Progressive Left?

We have at least one former mayor in mind –



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