The End of Week Circulars for March 26, 2017

Paul Ryan

We predicted Ryan was courting failure of Obamacare repeal by ignoring the concerns Conservative Congressmen held about the bill.

Ryan ignored our advice, continued on his path to try sneak a flimsy repeal bill under the noses of Conservatives, and was finally humiliated because of his disregard for reality.

His Speakership has probably been wounded beyond repair even if he limps on in the position for a time.

Ryan’s position is in jeopardy because his major constituents, the Republican establishment, now know Ryan cannot be trusted to move their preferred legislation through the House, he is not feared after this week’s debacle, and through his failure has proven he is not a shrewd enough legislative tactician to outmaneuver Conservative House members.  And if Ryan is too weak to defeat the Freedom Caucus Ryan is even more unsuitable as an obstacle to Trump’s formidable political capacities.

Trump, of course, has many reasons to see Ryan replaced as Speaker.  Aside from the obvious personal animus that brewed between them during the campaign, Trump cannot have anymore confidence in the ability of Ryan to move legislation than establishment Republicans do.

A crippled Speaker, disloyal to his party’s then-nominee now-President throughout the election, and incompetent at passing laws can be of no utility as a lieutenant to Trump’s agenda when Trump demands his political underlings be formidable operatives.

A number of Trump advisers would also like to see Ryan’s Speakership come to an end as a way of finally dispensing with Ryan-ally Reince Priebus.  Priebus is not only mistrusted by Trump’s most Conservative advisers.  Others such as Secretary Mnuchin are irritated with Priebus’ interference in their roles as well as his, at best, lackluster performance coordinating legislation with Congress.

The sooner Ryan is toppled the better for Trump.

Obamacare – Can it be Repealed?

Many believe repeal will be almost impossible to pull off because Obamacare is an entitlement.  This is incorrect.  Obamacare is not an entitlement because its insurance offerings are expensive for the non-poor.  In reality, Obamacare for everyone modestly above the poverty line is very costly private insurance designed according to poorly thought out, government imposed, specifications.

Because Obamacare is not welfare it remains vulnerable to repeal in the future.

The London Terror Attack

Finally we more attacks such as the one that took place outside Britain’s Parliament because ISIS feels increasingly cornered.  They are losing ground in Syria and Iraq to Assad loyalists and his Russian allies before Trump’s Pentagon begins its own military operations.  Their oil revenues have decreased proportionate to their loss of territory.  As they feel the noose tightening they have every reason to use whatever operatives they have in Europe and the United States and cause as much havoc as possible before they are wiped out in the Levant.



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