Sessions – The Latest Symptom of a Corrupt Fourth Branch

The real story is not what connection Sessions might have to Russia but that the Civil Service is actively obstructing a Presidential administration; regardless of the fact their maneuvers against Trump have been weak on facts and, as political hatchet jobs, badly implemented.

This should come as  no surprise.  The Progressive dominated Bureaucracy has been acting as an independent, unaccountable, agent ever since Woodrow Wilson.

That the Bureaucracy is functioning independently of the other three branches of government at all goes against the vision of the Founding Fathers.

To the Founders the Civil Service was never supposed to provide any kind of check on the actions of the Executive.  The Executive branch was supposed to be reined in by the Legislative and Judicial branches, and, ultimately, the Electoral College.  The role of the Civil Service was restricted only to implementing the wishes of the President provided those wishes were lawful and were not overruled by the Congress or Judiciary.

As a feature of the Federal Government, the Founders never enshrined the existence of the Civil Service or what particular form it should take (except the Post Office) in the Constitution.  Its absence in the Constitution means the specific structuring of FedGov bureaucracy was originally intended to be a matter entirely up to the discretion of the Congress and President.

It was not until the lunatic idea of an aristocracy of bureaucrats was proposed almost 200 years ago by the founder of Progressivism, Auguste Comte (who used the complexities arising from science and technology in the early 19th century to justify a need for unaccountable social scientists to run government and reengineer society) did Bureaucrats begin to ascend to power as a new Western nobility.

A century after Wilson and FDR warped the country by following Comte’s Progressive script, their beloved Progressive FedGov agencies have been revealed to be what they were always meant to be: a corrupt Fourth branch of government with tyrannical ambitions to become the only branch of government.

This arrangement is unprecedented not only from the perspective of America’s founders but also every type of government in history before Wilson and the New Deal.  Prior to then, civil servants of governments of all kinds were never considered to be part of national leadership.

It is long past time for serious Civil Service reform that will finally break the independence of FedGov, and President Trump is perhaps the ideal Executive to finally deliver well-deserved defeats against these misbehaving bureaucratic employees.

As to the particular investigation into links between Trump and Russia, I recommend Trump not appoint any investigator at all for these reasons:

First, even if Russia did hack the emails of Democratic officials to aid Trump the information retrieved was not classified and therefore no worse than a rogue domestic hacker breaking into a Republican politician’s email system. And a hack of Republican emails that benefited Democrats on election day would surely not come under scrutiny by the Left.

Secondly, the Democrats have no problem suppressing investigations into their own much worse activities; activities such as Hillary Clinton’s felony handling of classified information, the Clinton Foundation, or Benghazi.

Third, even an investigation that concludes no wrongdoing will be nothing but a leak-plagued distraction to the administration until it is complete.

Lastly, there are a number of open questions about the nature of the Obama administration’s affinity for Islamic terrorism that deserve a criminal investigation.

Unless the Democrats are prepared to also have Obama’s potential criminal support of Muslim terrorism investigated, there is no reason Trump’s relationship to Russia should be held to a higher standard than Obama’s much closer relationship with ISIS, Iran, anti-Assad Islamic rebels, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al-Qaeda in Libya.


4 thoughts on “Sessions – The Latest Symptom of a Corrupt Fourth Branch”

  1. What’s missing is the Intelligence Agencies. IA is linked in with the Council of Foreign Relations, and the Ivy League Universities.

    You know this, of course.

    So, we have leaks coming from IA and civil servants to journalists, while the Dem politicians bitch about it on TV.

    For the IA I recommend the Secret Team by Prouty.

  2. What’s missing is the Intelligence Agencies. IA is linked in with the Council of Foreign Relations, and the Ivy League Universities.

    Why American intelligence agencies are Liberal leaning is an interesting topic.

    In theory they should be as Conservative as the military and federal law enforcement; my understanding is that under Eisenhower and throughout the first half of the Cold War they were Conservative.

    I’m going to have to return to this issue.

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