General Flynn & the Temptation of the Lazy Left to Miscalculate

The resignation of General Flynn gives us the opportunity to further expand our point, previously made here, about how Trump can turn the hysterics of the Left over the most insignificant items against them by manipulating their 140 character attention span away from the more complex – but higher rewarding – long strategic game.

What apparently happened was that Flynn engaged Russian authorities about the possibility of lowering American sanctions without Flynn having authorization to delve into that topic.  When asked about the conversation by Vice President Pence he then lied about its contents; for that he was summarily fired by Trump.

Flynn’s downfall is his own fault.  He should have referred the questions of the Russians to other cabinet officials instead of acting on his own initiative.

Flynn’s incompetence acknowledged, there is the separate matter of whether it is in the interests of the Left to play this latest media sensation for a news cycle or two in the short term, or latch onto it as a long term scandal.

The answer to this hinges on one question – is Flynn’s mishandling of the Russians isolated to himself or part of a broader administration plot?  If it was isolated, the Technocratic Progressives would be wasting much energy for little gain if they play it long term.

The odds favor the responsibility being isolated to Flynn.  The first reason to suspect this is that Pence was reportedly surprised that the conversation was held.   It follows that if Flynn were acting entirely within permissions given to him by the administration that Pence would not be surprised by actions approved by the White House.  For his part Flynn would not have had to deceive anyone about it because they would have already known about it.

In fact, if Flynn had permission to discuss sanctions the administration would not have fired him in the first place.  They would have responded to the very first questions about his call by simply saying Flynn discussed sanction relief and that he had proper authorization to do so.  There would be no reason for the administration to lie about this because improved relations with Moscow has been part of Trump’s platform for his entire presidential campaign.

Further, the administration, having been in power for only 4 weeks, most likely would not have had adequate time to organize a sinister plot with Russia even if it wanted to.

Flynn seems foolish enough to have gotten into a more serious scandal if he remained in his position.  By washing out early he has done a long term disservice to the Left.

He has also given Trump an opportunity to both send the Progressives on a wild goose chase searching for a deeper Flynn-Russia scandal that does not exist and to begin tracing down who are the White House aides leaking classified information to the press.

Since the incident is probably isolated, the best decision for the Left is to get short term play out of it and then move on to a more patient stance against Trump.

But because of their debilitating intellectual laziness they are too impulsive to play a careful game (by far their best strategy against Trump).  Instead they will lose themselves in social media hysterics which proved unable to stop Trump as candidate and will be even less effective against Trump as President.

Trump has the ability to bring this discussion about Flynn to a halt at any time by threatening a criminal investigation into one of the extensive ties of the Obama administration to ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, Libya and the siege of Benghazi, its enabling of the Iranian nuclear program, or its cooperation with multiple Islamic terrorist groups (Note:  We do not yet recommend Trump investigate all of the Obama administration’s ties to Islamic terrorism.  It would be more useful for Trump to select one connection and save the others as future decoys).

Why was the Muslim Brotherhood being given red carpet treatment at the Obama White House before, during, and after the Brotherhood’s toppling of America’s long-term ally, Hosni Mubarak?  It will surely attract more public interest since the welcoming of the Muslim Brotherhood could not be pinned on a few isolated intelligence agents.

The pseudo-scandal around Flynn would be brought to an end because the Progressives, having feigned outrage over Trump’s connections to Russia, will then simultaneously tie themselves into an incoherent mess explaining why Obama’s close diplomatic connections with genocidal Muslim terrorists is acceptable.

The only question for Trump rests on what time is optimal to use the threat of an investigation into Obama’s financial, diplomatic, intelligence, and military support for Islamic Jihad.

Should he employ it soon or does he prefer to let the Left exhaust themselves on Flynn for a while before trapping them behind their own 8-ball?


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