A Suggested Decoy for the Trump Administration – a DOJ Investigation into Obama’s Terrorist Connections

A powerful decoy it is, but too powerful to waste on just another media cycle.  I therefore recommend sending this terrifying device of chemically pure persuasion off into the political atmosphere only if circumstances demand a major distraction.

Given all the other diversions chewing up DC’s bandwidth – the latest being the administration’s nominee to the Supreme Court – my proposed decoy will most likely not be needed for some time.  But eventually events happen.  When they do, Trump and his team would do well to keep this ace up their sleeve.

The ace to play when the moment arrives is a threat to open a criminal investigation into the Obama administration over its potential connections to Islamic terrorism.

The advantages this maneuver brings to the card table are numerous.

First it is useful because the investigation can be broken down into many sub-investigations into distinct terrorist groups and terrorist nations Obama seemed to have an deep affinity for.  Collectively each investigation has the potential to distract for years.  One investigation could be made into Obama’s deals with Iran; if he secretly flew $400 million worth of Swiss franc notes to Iran there is no telling what other deals he made with them.  Another could look into why the Egyptian representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood were going in and out of the Obama White House before and during the Muslim Brotherhood’s coup attempt against the Mubarak regime.  Then are questions to be answered about why America was really arming ISIS in its war against Syria’s Assad, and many other matters.  None of the answers are likely to put the last administration in a positive light.

The second advantage is that Trump as President now has access to the Federal records about Obama’s cozy relationship with Islamic terrorism.  Given how well planet Hillary handled her email system it is unlikely Obama’s goons were smart enough to erase the vast paper trail Trump now has at his fingertips.  As President he can choose to declassify bits and pieces of information about Obama’s dealings anytime it suits his media manipulation strategy.  He can also send the media and Democrats in the wrong the direction by hinting at false leads about where the investigation is really going.  Obama did not pardon anyone in his administration for any crimes they may have committee; as a result Trump is both able to have his Justice Department bring Obama’s henchmen and henchwomen under oath and/or have them brought before a Congressional Committee.

The final advantage is that its use would tie the Left in a feedback loop of recriminations.   Because the ego of Obama would compel him to publicly dispute the investigation’s findings, the Democrats would circle the wagons around Obama not knowing what information bombshells Trump might be holding back on instead of fighting Trump on ground more favorable for the Left.


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