Wikileaks – Either Assange or Obama’s “Intelligence” Agencies are Lying

The preliminary report investigating the hacking of the DNC’s computer system has been released, with still no hard evidence offered that the Wikileak got DNC emails from Russia. 

This comment about the matter was made by myself at Lion’s  –

What evidence is there that Russia did the hacking? Nothing conclusive as far as I know.

Assange insists that his source was not the Russian government; either the intelligence services or Assange is lying. Now, one might point out that Assange’s denials by themselves prove nothing. While this is true, keep in mind that Assange does know the identity of the source. If he knows it was the Russians and he is lying about their involvement then he also knows the intelligence community potentially is holding back on definitive evidence that could damage his credibility if they drop their bombshell later. I find this a bit doubtful (though concede it is possible) because normally when people lie they try to make their initial statements somewhat equivocal so that they can back out of what they said later if they receive pushback.

But Assange hasn’t been giving himself room for maneuver when he’s asked about the matter; which is what one would expect him to do if he knew there was something to the allegations.

For Assange to be so unambiguous when he knows the truth – along with other reasons, such as the fact hacking that system would be a very doable assignment for a freelancer – leads me to believe the Russians were not involved.


4 thoughts on “Wikileaks – Either Assange or Obama’s “Intelligence” Agencies are Lying”

  1. My impression is that the CIA has no evidence whatsoever of Russian involvement in hacking the DNC and that the unclassified report that has been released is embarrassingly bereft of evidence, or even assertions, that Putin has done anything more than direct Russian media to be anti-Democrat. And if you replace “United States”, “Putin”, “Clinton” and “Russia” with respectively “UK”, “Obama”, “Farage” and “United States”, the report’s conclusions are a pretty accurate reflection of Obama’s attempt to influence the UK Referendum on EU membership.

  2. That is certainly the impression the just released report has made. Even most of the remnant #NeverTrump contingents admit hard evidence is sparse.

    Farage is fortunate Obama and the CIA was no more capable of helping the Remain camp than they were the Hillary camp.

  3. Good argument, but points off for Assange’s non-categorical denial.
    Assange was asked by Hannity if WikiLeaks’ source of the hacked material was “Russia or anyone associated with Russia.” His Answer: “Our source is not a state party. So the answer — for our interactions — is no,”

  4. Assange was asked by Hannity if WikiLeaks’ source of the hacked material was “Russia or anyone associated with Russia.” His Answer: “Our source is not a state party. So the answer — for our interactions — is no,”

    There is a bit of wiggle room here. But the fault is primarily with how Hannity worded the question –

    “Associated with Russia” could theoretically mean a Russian citizen living in America, working entirely by himself and without the knowledge or help of Putin’s agencies. It could also mean a non-Russian citizen freelance hacker who did work with the Russians at an earlier point in their career.

    Denying a “state party” closes off the Russian government as a possibility (as far as Assange’s statements are concerned) because there are no intelligence services loosely connected with the Russian government over there. Every Russian agency ultimately answers to Putin.

    His statement also equates to a denial of involvement by any other foreign government.

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