For Weapons Imports Israel is Stuck with US Arms Manufacturers

America is host to history’s most incompetent antisemitic movement.

The indisputable proof of this (regardless how few American antisemites yet realize it) is the fact Donald Trump’s impending white supremacist administration is heavily staffed with Jews like Stephen Miller, Ivanka, Jared Kushner, and David Friedman.

At moments like this, when organized antisemitism becomes the topic of the moment, one thinks back to Adolf Hitler, his antisemitic organization and how it compares to existing antisemitic organizations.

Like anyone who creates any type of organization (and, Allied propaganda to the contrary, that’s all Hitler’s was) the Nazi Party was built by Hitler with certain organizational rules in mind.  Many of his rules about this objective were written down or spoken.  But some rules were so obvious that he never had need to express them in a format of any sort.

I do not, and will not, pretend to speak on behalf of Hitler however marvelous such a task might be.  But I am sure one of his unwritten rules at the start of his memorable career was to not allow Jews to takeover or be given important leadership positions within the Nazi Party.

Because Duh.

As it so happens that “Duh” was beyond the late Führer’s American apologists; their failure at this simple prerequisite is total with the looming installation of America’s new Presidential administration set to be the most pro-Zionist and second most white supremacist one of all time, second only to Abraham Lincoln’s administration.

Pragmatically Distributed cannot help but point out that this remarkable circumstance calls for tripling down on what the Constitution of the United States demands above all else – investing ever more American resources into the defense of Israel.

This brings us to this article’s main topic, the military industrial complex, its exports to Israel, and whether Israel needs these exports.

The answer is not really.

Until one looks at what foreign alternatives there are for Israel.  At which point the answer becomes, ‘yes’.

Because Israel can’t afford the infrastructure needed to produce all of its weapons  natively, imports become a must and the only source for those musts is the United States.

The other sources are Western European (Britain, France, Germany), Russia, or China.  Each has flaws.

As wonderful and, yes, appropriate, as it would be to have fleets of Germany’s 2A7 Leopard tanks in the IDF’s Panzer divisions it, alas, cannot be.  Western Europeans have tied their arms industries down with so many “Human Rights” treaties that they either could not sell arms at all to Israel on account of the “Occupation” of Palestine, or they would be forced to place so many restrictions on their combat abilities as to leave them effectively useless in war.

Russia has no such humanitarian reservations.  However, too much of their arms are unsuitable for Israel’s particular needs.  Russia’s weapons are usable and cheap but not technologically sophisticated or provide much in the way of protection to the personnel wielding them.

They best fit a military interested in firing lots of ammunition in the enemies general direction without making operations too complex; cannot afford vast stockpiles of NATO-caliber arms; can afford to and do not mind suffering substantial casualties as long as the opposition suffers worse, and that has minimal to no interest in how many civilians are slaughtered in the process.

India and other populous third world nations are ideal customers of Russia.

Israel is not considering how it often engages in, not scorched earth missions, but narrowly focused operations requiring  state of the art tech; its interest in maximizing soldier survivability because of a small population to draw soldiers from; and its great fear of killing a single Arab civilian.

China is off the list because its equipment is similar to Russia’s.

That leaves America as the only feasible source.  But what a source at what a time!  All Netanyahu has to do to get a well-deserved cutprice deal at American taxpayer expense is to tweet Ivanka.  Or Jared.

We hope Bibi calls in favors early and often as the American Constitution demands him to.