Hillary Guccifer Rodham: Why is Comey Reopening Her Case?

The surprise announcement that the Clinton case is back on inevitably raised speculation over why Comey is reopening it.

We see three possible explanations:

  • Comey is helping Trump
  • Reopening the case somehow helps Hillary
  • The nature of the information downloaded from Weiner’s computers is so damaging that Comey felt he had no option but to open it again

If Comey were inclined to help Trump he would have sought an indictment sometime after Hillary was nominated and after state ballot deadlines had expired.  Timing her indictment in such a way would have left Democrats in a very difficult legal position removing her name from 50 state ballots.  Since Comey didn’t, we discard this explanation.

Does his announcement help Hillary?

It is hard to see what benefit is in it for.  Some have wondered if this is a strategy to neutralize any pending revelations from Wikileaks by moving them off the front pages ahead of time.

To us this maneuver seems like a double edged sword:  It could just as easily amplify whatever ammunition Wikileaks has saved for the remainder of the campaign by reminding voters of her email scandals with the FBI just before Wikileaks releases their final surprises.

Bringing back the case also neutralizes her character attacks against Wikileaks for supposedly coordinating with Russia:  If Clinton was so grossly incompetent at securing top secret information that even Anthony Weiner managed to download her missing 30,000 emails onto his iPhone then not only do the Russians have them but so do North Korea, ISIS, China, Guccifer, Al Qaeda, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Yemen, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

If everyone, except until recently the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has her deleted emails then Wikileaks (if they also have them) could have potentially received them from anyone, not just Russia.

If the investigation helps Hillary we fail to see how it helps except as some sort of Hail Mary strategy that her political position wasn’t desperate enough to justify.

By process of elimination we lean towards the third explanation.


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