Why Trump Will Run Again in 2020 if He Loses

Electoral politics will not end in 2016.

2020 is coming and if Trump does not win this year, he will likely try again because, as mentioned in a previous post, Deutsche Bank will collapse soon after the election (unless its collapse can’t be delayed before then, which is very possible) and destroy the eurozone as its demise sets off a chain reaction of derivative exposure with other banks.

The structural failings of the euro have been delayed for the sake of preserving the electoral survival of Obama, Hillary, and the EU establishment.  The bill for living on borrowed time is almost due and the consequences will be grave when Brussels admits it cannot pay either the principal or substantial interest.

The end of European Monetary Union (EMU) will take down the rest of the global economy, perhaps before Clinton is sworn in.  When the next crisis forms Hillary and the Democrats may well wish Trump had won so they could blame the crisis on him.  Trump, meanwhile, will not be able to resist the urge to remind everyone for the next four years that he was right about the failings of the world economy.


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