Expectations for the First Two Weeks

Update: The entry planned for Friday, September 9th will be published Saturday, September 12th.

Update September 3rd:  I’m moving the post scheduled for today, September 3rd, at 5 pm EST to today at 8 pm EST.  It may be released a few minutes before 8pm.

Update:  I’m pleased enough with the draft entry that was scheduled for September 4th that I am now moving it up to September 3rd at 7 AM EST.  The schedules of all other entries are unchanged.

We continue to be gratified by the enthusiastic response of readers.

Please make use of the instructions in the entry on comment registration to get yourselves setup with the blog.

We want to herd as many of you as possible into the kill zone of the comment section before we open fire on you all next Friday.  We are saving much political ammunition to mow you down with, and we aim to have you entirely in our cross-hairs before then.

Our sentiments about the commentariat are the same as those Hitchcock held about his actors:  our success is measured by how well we led you to the slaughter.

In the meantime, many of you have raised questions about what content to expect.  Specifically, what the hell are they talking about?  To satisfy your curiosity (up to a point) we’ve decided to give a general outline of what will be unfolded in the first two weeks.

Before we do that, I must thank all bloggers who have refrained from confirming or denying whether they are the royalist co-writer hinted at earlier.  Your actions to date help preserve a certain aura of mystery ahead of his grande re-entrance on the political stage.  Please continue to maintain your radio silence; whether you expect to applaud or jeer his return, waiting until Friday before making any statements will make your applause or jeers informed ones.  Any comment made earlier and you will not know what you are applauding or jeering.  We appreciate your patience.

Now, to hand you the right expectations for what has been scheduled:

The evening of September 2nd, probably at 6 pm EST:  A long interview with our co-host.  Expect the great instructor to go through imperialism, opposition to democracy, a surprising amount of sociobiology, the frailty of the British Tories, the death penalty, linguistics, and more.  There may even be an archduke or two who make a surprise visit to the saloon.

September 2nd, at the same time the interview is posted:  I take up the reigns with a statement of purpose.  Its release date was originally planned to be September 3rd, but it was decided to move it forward to Friday since the interview might be considered arcane material.  By doing this, our hope is extra context will be given to the interview.  My entry will feature a general overview of our ideological champion, Alexander Hamilton, and speak to his political relevance.  Pointers will be added about American and European history, something very, very, very special for French and German speakers, and general merriment.

September 4th (Update: I’m moving this entry up to September 3rd):  I go into the philosophy of state of Hamilton’s in more detail than the statement of purpose.

September 7th:  A full article written by his Excellency.   Topics include the Tsars of Russia, much supporting documentation, liberalism, a concise and – dare I say, definitive? – point or two about Protestantism, and more.

September 9th:  I will complement the article on September 7th with related material.

This thread is now open to your comments and questions.

24 thoughts on “Expectations for the First Two Weeks”

  1. P.S. for now, anyway. If you step out of line, I’ll have to take you down.

    (A little double post experiment.)

  2. Sounds like a serious substantive blog. Interesting how someone is going to advocate for Russian monarchy. I think exterminating the royal family was a good thing. Strange that someone would entertain the notion of these parasites being useful. Can an intelligent argument be made in their favor? Looking forward to the posts.

  3. Hi, UJ. I believe that both you and your famous co-host tend to see Puritanism as the Root of the Dark Tree (I guess this is a tree with only one root, or maybe this is just supposed to be the Main Root). I don’t like this way of thinking, because Puritanism is Core-American (along with three other Big Things, according to summaries of The Seed of Albion that I’ve read — but come on, Puritanism is the Big Thing behind Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill), and Core-American is Good, therefore Puritanism is Good. So I’d rather think: a Dark Parasitical Mutant Branch grew from the Tree of which Puritanism is a Perfectly Fine Root. This Dark Parasitical Mutant Branch is Progressivism. I guess one already sees it twisting its way through Emerson’s essays. But Emerson thinks that it’s nourished by GERMAN vitamins! And Emerson managed Carlyle’s publication in America … Carlyle, the German-Wisdom-Loving self-described “Sans Coulattes” (see Sartor Resartus) i.e. utterly ANTI-reactionary (Mohammed-loving! — see On Heroes and Hero-Worship) prophetgeniusking that, I fear, certain NRxers mistakenly regard as a godfather. Okay, I’m getting mixed up … my basic thing here is: (1) American Essence Good, (2) Puritan belongs to American essence; therefore (3) Puritanism Good.

  4. Interesting how someone is going to advocate for Russian monarchy.

    They deserve historical context and a little tribute. That is what they will get.

    Besides, anyone familiar with Russian literature developed around the time of Nicholas I will appreciate our insight into the royalist perspective of his time.

  5. ‘Besides, anyone familiar with Russian literature developed around the time of Nicholas I will appreciate our insight into the royalist perspective of his time.’

    It’s amazing that you have that knowledge. In my opinion, the Decembrist movement was one of Russia’s finest hours and I have nothing good to say about Nicholas I. I’m looking forward to your views on the matter.

  6. In my opinion, the Decembrist movement was one of Russia’s finest hours

    You grew up in a country with a real education system!


    I didn’t learn this until the last few years – if only I could go back in time and spend my grade school and high school years surfing Wikipedia…

    That’s the best guess (given the limited information) anyone has made so far about the forthcoming material.

    Yes – we, or, rather, he – will deal with the Decembrists. But that’s about the biggest hint I’m going to give.

  7. “You grew up in a country with a real education system” … the Soviet Union! This is preferable to Norman Rockwell’s town-meeting-New-England? Better “education system”??? Can’t we make the initial assumption, town-meeting-New-England-better-than-Soviet-Union? So Yakov’s heard of the Decembrists. Most of us have heard of the Whiskey Rebellion. Yakov, had you heard of the Whiskey Rebellion before joining us here in the USofA? If not, does this demonstrate that we Americans “grew up in a country with a real education system?”

  8. ‘Yakov, had you heard of the Whiskey Rebellion before joining us here in the USofA? If not, does this demonstrate that we Americans “grew up in a country with a real education system?”’

    Lol! No I hadn’t not. But you don’t see the difference between the Whiskey Rebellion Rebellion and the American Revolution? Decembrist movement was that revolution. Russia has had its share of the ‘Wiskey Rebellions’, but Decembrists were different. Soon you will learn about it.

  9. “Puritanism is good” ignores the demotist social structure which inevitably evolves in its wake. You can’t peel off the good ideas, when the tapestry consists of all “believers” are priests, ergo no ontological distinction between pastor/shepherd and congregant/sheep, ergo moral status free-for-all. The structure itself predicts the degenerative ratchet, and fully explains why there are so few good puritans today.

  10. Nickbsteves — “demotist” is just a scary magic-word used to evoke images of Orc-swarms at Helm’s Deep. There aren’t any Orcs at Norman Rockwell’s New England town meeting, just Hobbits. Lots of bad stuff “inevitably evolves in [the] wake” of any good stuff. Everything nasty about civilization (boring jobs, smelly streets) evolves
    in the wake of whatever gets it going. You’re the one “peel[ing] off the good ideas;” I think we should peel away the bad ideas from the good American core, and trash them. “[T]he tapestry consists of all ‘believers’ are priests, ergo [etc. ….]” is not a meaningful string of words. All structures can degenerate. There are many good Puritans today; one lives down the block from me. He will vote for Trump. All American Puritans will vote for Trump, and most of Trump’s voters will be Puritans. Take a look at the comments at theconservativetreehouse. Yes, they post a lot of cute-pet-pictures on the open thread every day. They probably have lace doilies on the lids of their toilet-tanks. They are Americans. Many of them are also heavily armed, and the majority of the fat old geezers who post there can probably benchpress more than their own considerable weight.

  11. @Gatt

    But your are right, mate. Russian educational system is overrated by the TUJ. I think math and science was taught better, we used to prove theorems, solve real problems and testing by multiple guess was unknown. However, there was no American freedom of discussion and information. American teachers were much nicer. The school had a positive spin of the Decembrists movement, but I came to appreciate them through my own reading. Got to take credit this time.

  12. Yakov, 1776 in American corresponds to 1917 in Russia; the scale of the Whiskey Rebellion in America is comparable to that of the Decembrist business in Russia. So a Russian’s knowing about the Decembrist business is comparable to an American’s knowing about the Whiskey Rebellion. (A problem with my example is that the Whisky Rebellion occurred after 1776, in 1791, while the Decembrist business occurred before the 1917 Russian revolution.)
    Look, NbS and UJ, I’ve read Walzer’s Revolution of the Saints and see what you have in mind — I can even see how Puritanism produces Emerson produces Obama. But you can’t expect people to regard their own country as Damned From the Start. So if you think Puritanism’s inherently evil, you should come up with a story depicting the American Essence as non-Puritan in some good and lovable way — including the American Essence as it appears in Massachusetts.

  13. Garr, you obviously don’t know anything about Decembrists. I’m going to wait for the posts before I elaborate further, but tell me how many monuments have been build to commemorate the Wiskey Rebellion? Are there any Whisky Rebellion museums? As recently as 2011 the city of Irkutsk had erected a monument to the wives of the Decembrists, who followed their husbands into Siberian exile. How many book and memoirs were written by the participants of the Whisky Rebellion? While some were rioting to enjoy tax free booze, others were rebelling to free the serfs and give them land. Are you beginning to see the difference?

  14. No, Yakov. Same degree of importance. Of course the Commie lizardmen who scrambled your brains are going to make you vastly overestimate the importance of the Decembrist thing. A few thousand rebellious soldiers get blown away by artillery in a city square … big deal. As opposed to proud backwoods Scots-Irish proudly expressing their awesome irrepressible Scots-Irish noble freeborn awesomeness against a grand Appalachian background under lowering skies with eagles swooping low over the backs of running wolves and panthers and beautiful mountaingirls in homespun torn dresses teary-eyed singing ballads to their men … you obviously don’t know anything about the Whiskey Rebellion.

  15. Garr, you are trolling, but I’ll make an exception for you and respond. The Decembrists are a symbol of unconditional selflessness, they were willing to give up everything: their serfs, their lavish lifestyle, indeed their very life itself, so that the people of Russia should be free and live in dignity.

  16. I’m kidding around a little, yes. But isn’t it possible to give up one’s serfs and lavish lifestyle without making a big social rebellion-scene out of it? (Hipster trustfundkids have always made a big social scene out of giving up their serfs and lavish lifestyle — Decembrists, Woodstock, WilliamsburgBrooklyn, always the same thing.)

  17. ‘But isn’t it possible to give up one’s serfs and lavish lifestyle without making a big social rebellion-scene out of it?’

    How? Most serf holders wouldn’t agree to a voluntary emancipation. In 1825 you needed a revolution to destroy the old order and bring in the new.

    What hipsters? Decembrists were planning to engage in productive occupations after the revolution and were staying science, agriculture and technology to that end. Those were real people, not some hipsters.

  18. These earnest young officers, who got their men blown apart by artillery in St. Peters Square and sent walking in chain-gangs to Siberia, wore swords to balls to say, “I ain’t dancing.” That’s hipster-behavior. And they could easily have given up their own serfs and lavish lifestyles without bothering other people and getting their lower-class soldiers killed over it. That revolution that you say was needed in 1825 went on until 1990 — how did it turn out? The old order was a thousand times better than the new.

  19. Oops; take out the “St.” and stick in an apostrophe between the “r” and the “s”. The one with the “St.” in its name is in Rome, I think. (It’s hard to remember stuff read on Wikipedia a couple of hours earlier.) Apparently the name was changed to “Decembrist Square” in 1925 because the Commie massmurderers loved the event so much, and then it was changed to “Senate Square” in 2008. (I remember this because I just rechecked the Wikipedia site 5 minutes ago.)

  20. Why did Speranskii, in his note to Alexander I, call the nobility and merchants “the monarch’s slaves”? How was their condition more slavish than that of noblemen and merchants in, say, Austria?

  21. I think we should peel away the bad ideas from the good American core, and trash them.

    The American “core” is insecure power. And there’s nothing good about that.

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