Welcome & Announcements

So the reader may be prepared to engage productively with this site, a moment is taken to welcome them to Pragmatically Distributed, as well as to lay the groundwork for what expectations they should bring with them before articles are published.  We do so with the following announcements; the most important of which is that a conservative author, famous in literate circles, has agreed to appear regularly on this site in the role of co-writer and co-host.

While the option was mine to name him in this entry, I have decided against exercising it at this moment.  Instead, his identity – which you have all heard of in different mediums – will be held as a surprise, not to be revealed until September 2nd.  On that day his debut will take the form of a long interview.  This interview is intended to serve the reader as a re-introduction to the personality and character of the great man himself as much as it is a way to rekindle interest in his ideas.

I have postponed revealing him so that the reader may be preoccupied during the interval from now to the publishing of that interview debating who he is.

I will give more hints after making other announcements.

Before doing that, I do ask a favor of any other writer reading this to help, in the meantime, preserve a certain measure of surprise by playing along and not remarking whether they are, or not, the mystery writer.  Assuming your attention span is not measured in milliseconds, a wait of a week and a half will not cause harm to anyone.  Nor will waiting change the value of your praise, criticism, notes, or comments of any kind; they will be just as true or false next Friday as they would be if made today. The fewer the denials, the greater the surprise.

For remaining announcements:

Comment registration, which will allow commenters to post without moderation, starts tomorrow in a post featuring instructions for registration.

There will be no further posts between the entry on comment registration and the interview.

After our co-host returns on September 2nd, there will be additional posts by myself on the 3rd and 4th of September, another entry by our co-host on September 7th and another of my own on September 9th.

Articles thereafter will generally appear twice a week, with an end of week circular usually published on weekends to act as a general review and open thread.

Finally, the last set of hints about the identity of our distinguished guest:

He will be returning from a lengthy Sabbath during which he has said little despite the course of events proving him correct.

He is the greatest champion of his age of monarchy and imperialism.

He stands as one of the greatest conservatives in all of history.

His royal personage manages to be Imperial, but never imperious.

Although he looks down on you from on high with absolute contempt, his highly evolved sense of morality and basic decency prevents him from expressing those feelings explicitly.  Remember to thank him for that.

His essay on September 7th will contain a concise, yet definitive, statement on the legacy of Protestantism.

As I look over my own draft material, so heavily influenced by our co-writer’s years of prodigious work, and at the risk of getting ahead of myself, I must note that a synergy between his thoughts and my own is notable.

His work will be remembered for centuries long after you are all forgotten.

Guess who he is.